The Bravery - Slow Poison

This one is best watched full screen. Lots of sci-fi effects and laser beams. Woo hoo! It's a lot of fun and the compositor did an amazing job.... and I dig The Bravery.

I hate that AOL makes you watch a full commercial before the video. Seriously annoying. I'd link somewhere else but AOL has the premiere up today. Boo hoo.

Free MP3: Bright Eyes by Bearcraft

Dicky Moore's latest musical project Bearcraft has a great song called Bright Eyes that you can download for free. I love Dicky's voice. It's so smooth. I'm a sucker for a good synth. :-)

Download Brighteyes.

Bearcraft on Facebook

BUFFETLIBRE: Dragonette - Easy (Buffetlibre Remix) : Free download "Track Of The Day"

They send me tracks from Buffetlibre all the time but I don't always post them. I thought you might be in the mood for a nice remix today.

Download Dragonette - Easy (Buffetlibre Remix) - right click or command click to download

skakeys brother: Unsigned Band with 2 Grammy Nominations

This band, shakeys brother, makes classic indie pop and I just love their sound. They are unsigned and usually play to crowds of 50 or so, but get this.... they're nominated for 2 Grammys!

Looks like they need some videos. Hey, shakeys brother, I do video!