Heartstorm is a user-driven quest on thesixtyone.com. Basically, the purpose is to spotlight old, underbumped songs. Every day, someone features 1-3 songs that need love, and the community storms them with hearts.

The quest is a great way to get the community together and discover some really interesting music. The first round was an incredible success, with many songs posting and hitting the “hot right now” page. Every participant recieved pages of notes and radio bumps from many different social groups.

Someone asked if we’re still doing it, and yes, we are. Here’s the remaining schedule for round two:

Tues, Aug 18 - gregsdumbid
Wed, Aug 19 - retardedmonkey
Thurs, Aug 20 - tedford
Fri, Aug 21 - waltdiggs
Sat, Aug 22 - jsuspect
Sun, Aug 23 - sabbides23
Mon, Aug 24 - dantheman1386
Tues, Aug 25 - whelchelphd
Wed, Aug 26 - todash
Thurs, Aug 27 - SallySilvera; special Heartstorm day in honor of sumar
Fri, Aug 28 - jtommyt
Sat, Aug 29 - Digdug
Sun, Aug 30 - ksubowler
Mon, Aug 31 - cr
Tues, Sept 1 - Ahrk
Wed, Sept 2 - circerhode
Thurs, Sept 3 - SaoPauloooo
Fri, Sept 4 - zaome
Sat, Sept 5 - Kalei
Sun, Sept 6 - tjradio
Mon, Sept 7 - gretchen
Tues, Sept 8 - daha
Wed, Sept 9 - Tesserax
Thurs, Sept 10 - daredevil169
Fri, Sept 11 - Haeretik
Sat, Sept 12 - laurie
Sun, Sept 13 - kevincobarno
Mon, Sept 14 - bmorrow
Tues, Sept 15 - madcat8

To participate, go to those users’ pages on their appointed day and, if you like the songs, heart them. It’s that easy! If you want to sign up to feature songs, just post a note on my wall.

Thanks to everyone who’s made this a success already--keep up the good work!

Edit: Updated list.

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