Grandparents of Rock

Hey SuperGrover! How about this for your new manga-style avatar?

ere’s the latest news from "Grandparents of Rock" - a special club for T61 members who (may or may not) meet the following criteria:

1. T61 Listener with at least one grandchild
2. Also have a son or daughter who is a T61 Artist

1. Support each other and our kids.

2. Keep each other posted on our kids' upcoming new songs, shows, events, etc.
3. Celebrate together T61 achievements/milestones reached by our kids (and ourselves).
4. Give each other frequent radio bumps.
5. Bump the daylights out of the songs posted by our kids!

Planning has begun (or begun being dreamed about) for an actual concert event, involving all the artists in the club, and perhaps other T61 friends. The planning for this is being headed up by fredmontana, and Columbus, OH is currently leading the race for venue selection, but nothing is final at this point.

Membership Roster
Current members include:

Listener (Parent)---------------Artist (Offspring)

mandu (President)-------Melle Augustine

ThomasAD3----------------joseph w thomas

fredmontana------------David Van Amburg

Groupies Gallery

Interested parties who don’t exactly meet the membership qualifications can still join. Our current "groupies" include:

mathmanmrt------------a cloud of witness


News of the Week:

David Van Amburg hit level 8!

David Van Amburg uploaded a new song: Do Something Right

ThomasAD3 hit Level 13


Post your credentials on the T61 wall of ThomasAD3 if you want to join us.

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