Lollapalooza Day #1


Apocalypse and I headed down to the show early. When we got there, I got my wristband since I bought tickets online a couple of months ago. Apoc did not and guess what? He was SOL. Completely sold out of 3 day passes and the Friday and Saturday shows. He decided to look for some scalped tickets but there were so many people looking for tickets that it was impossible. This was the first Lollapalooza to ever sell out. Who knew. Apoc ended up having some business to attend to so it was maybe for the best.

The line for ticket holders without wristbands was literally all the way around the park to the opposite side of the entry. It did take longer to get to the back of the line than it did to move in the line! Later I found out that since I had my wrist band, I could've just gone up to the front.

Anyway, I did it alone. Awww. Poor Apoc, having to miss it!

So... security was a major pain in the butt. I had a plastic container of fruit that they were making me pitch, so I ate it quickly. Then they saw my sunscreen and wouldn't let me bring it in! It's the spray kind. I stood there and sprayed myself really good. I asked what was up with that and the lady told me that I could throw it at the band and hurt them. WTF? They are probably selling sunscreen inside for $12/bottle. Trust me, I would not throw my bottle of sunscreen at the band. W en the lady wasn't looking, I rushed ahead and stashed it into my bag. Yeah, I am a rebel with pale skin and I burn easily!

At the show, I first caught Manchester Orchestra on the Citi Stage. I got to sit in the shade and they sounded really good. To be honest, I'm not all that familiar with their music but the writing seems really strong.

Next, I saw Rogue Wave. They were really good! Their drummer is really talented and plays really loud. I wore ear plugs for this one.

At this point in the afternoon it was really getting hot outside. I heard someone say it was 95° but I think it may have peaked around 86°.

Next, I caught Yeasayer. They we're incredible and I need to buy their album. They have two guys who seem to lead the band, the singer and the bass player, who sings and wears twin braids. I was up fairly close and the freakin' loud. So loud in fact that my rib cage rattled at every thump of bass!

Next up, I caught a few minutes of Duffy. She was good but not really my cup of tea. She is very cute and has an interesting soulful voice, and reminded me a bit of Amy Winehouse, minus the crack.

I walked back clear to the other end of the concert (seriously, Grant Park is 3/4 mile in length) and watch Gogol Bordello. I chose to watch this show from way back behind the second speaker. The sound was much better here, although I could only see the big screens. Every time the sun went behind a cloud it was a Godsend, but the band was incredible and in cooler circumstances, I would've been dancing like crazy to their gypsy punk. There were hippie girls in the audience dancing with hula hoops. I admit, they were great with a hoop, but it seemed a bit dangerous, given the density of the crowd. And what the hell? They let them in with hula hoops and I couldn't bring in sunscreen? Oh, I'm sure hula hoops didn't make their list.

Next I saw Your Vegas, and I snapped some nice pix, but I forgot to bring my camera cable (and charger!) to Chicago, so unfortunately, I may not have many photos. Your Vegas sounded phenomenal. The singer has some serious pipes and their songs are so well written. I really dug them. Their sound does not really match their look though. I really thought they'd be more glammy looking. Also, I swear I was standing next to Buffyslayergirl. Was that you, Buffy?

I decided to skip Raconteurs (seen 'em before) and stop by and see how Apoc was doing, but it was just a short visit, scarfed some Subway and back to Radiohead.

Oh, Radiohead.... They're one of my favorite bands ever. They sounded amazing, exactly as they do on the albums, as a matter of fact. The sound wasn't too loud, which was nice. The crowd, however was radiating heat. After a full day in the hot sunshine, being packed like a sardine with a bunch of stinky, sweaty people, wasn't really appealing to me. The light show and video on the big screen was completely boring, which surprised me. Last year, Muse was phenomenal and had a mindblowingly awesome light show. Radioheads... meh. I decided to check out early, as it was a very long day in the hot sun and I was tired, and I have plenty of Radiohead on my iPod. I left the park walked along Columbus Drive and there were hundreds of people sitting outside across the street listening to the show. The show actually sounded better (several sweet spots, I noticed), and they certainly weren't missing a killer light show.

There's a rumor that Barrack Obama will be introducing Wilco tomorrow. I was going to see Rage Against the Machine at that time, but I've seen Rage before and I would LOVE to see Obama. Maybe he'll sing a few notes.

Until tomorrow... Batface signing off! Hey, if any of you are at Lolla, email me at!


myktoronto said...

Poor Apoc. I bet he was really pissed about missing day one. Thanks for the update...I'm sooo jealous...but then when you describe stinky sweaty bodies....Yikes!

Sounds like a great time though....enjoy and send pics! :D

Apocalypse said...

Poor Apoc indeed. But at least I got to enjoy the city and enjoy trying to catch a cab at 10PM along with 80,000 other people after the show!

Next year fo' sho! Batty was soaking in every minute of this crazy festival.
Aren't you glad you use Dial? Don't you wish everyone did?