AnnieB's Detour: Lemon Sun

If you like the upbeat, soulful type of indie rock, this might be for you. I meant to feature this song by these guys on my next mixwit mixtape, but since little is written about these guys, the one and only link available no longer, thank you, imeem. Found them through the shuddered and despised myspace (they are "friends" of Voxhaul Broadcast).

Anyway, they released an EP in Dec 2006 and they participated in 2007's SXSW, so some of you may have it caught it then. Apparently they played on campus during my last year of college over a year ago, and I missed it. Based on the clip below, sounds like they would've been fun to see live. Btw, props to them for having a female guitarist in the band too.

(note: same song, but titled differently)

Lemon Sun's website
Lemon Sun's myspace

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Lemon Sun said...

Thanks for the mention! xo

Lemon Sun.

btw- We are headlining The Troubadour on Thursday Feb. 12th