Coeur de Pirate

As soon as I heard these tracks, I immediately posted them onto my little tumblr. Now I'm officially 'maxbumping' it over here too.

Coeur de Pirate - C'etait Salement Romantique

Coeur de Pirate - Comme des Enfants

From (translated bio from myspace):
Coeur de Pirate is 18 year old Béatrice Martin who has played the piano from the age of three. After five years of music education, she started composing her own songs in March 2007. Members of Bonjour Brumaire noticed her and asked her to join their group as singer and keyboardist. This spring Béatrice left the group to concentrate on Coeur de Pirate, her solo project. Her first self-titled album Coeur de Pirate was released September 16 on Grosse Boite records.


d said...

Oh, how funny; I'm the person who edited the description earlier today into what you put up (though I have since changed the wording and you may want to edit the wording here to match). The version of the text there the first time I saw it was an even rougher version of the translation.

Michele Yamazaki said...

Fantastic! Thanks AnnieB. You have a knack for finding the coolest new stuff (and so do you, d.)

AnnieB said...

Thanks, d! It's been changed. I was wondering what a clavierist was. Oh, and I was able to link the group she was formerly in too.