Hurray for the Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61!

After weeks of planning, nominating, and voting, we are pleased to finally announce the winners of first annual Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61. First we'd like to thank the people who made this possible. We could not have done this without the web-hosting and technical help of batface89. She was also quite encouraging. Our anonymous jury did a great but difficult job of narrowing the under-bumped song nominations to five. We're grateful for the efforts of three listeners who responded to our project by doing things we didn't even think of and offering them to us. Bcbomb47 adapted our publicity banner to blend into t61 decor. Carpex ingeniously created a ascii thumb when images were removed from about me spaces part-way through our campaign. Also, philomath created playlists with the nominated songs from each category, making voting a lot easier.

I'd like to thank our committee as well. Our leader was Evonity, who kept the project together. The awards were his brainchild. mathmanmrt was the person most involved in the nomination lists, and both surveys. Iyzie was the graphic designer on the committee, and SallySilvera was the member most active in promoting the awards. Although Evonity published the blog posts, I (ganglyblueheron) wrote them. It was a pleasure working with this team.

We would also like to thank all the users and artists who helped us with publicity. We could not have gotten the turnout we did without the help of your about me sections, wall posts, tuneboxes, and avatar thumbs. Thank you very much for spreading the word. The Powncers as a group were very helpful in the effort to get the vote out, so we'd like to acknowledge them. Thank you as well to each listener who submitted nominations and voted. (I'll include number of voters here when we know it)

Not Off The Hook Yet

We have a few remaining favors to ask of you. We would love to have feedback about this year's awards in the Max Bumps Awards forum. This will give next year's committee an idea of what direction to take the project. If you appreciated an aspect of the project in particular, or if you have improvements to suggest, please let us know. Politely pointing out concerns or problems is educational; it will not get you banned from a forum at Max Bumps.

As usual, we could use help alerting users to this blog post.

  1. We would love it if you would put this in your about me space:

    <h2><a target="_blank" href="">WHO WON A MAX?. CLICK THIS LINK TO FIND OUT</a></h2>

  2. Please send out tuneboxes or wallposts to anyone you sent previous notices to, saying:

    "The results are in! See the winners of the Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61 at"

  3. Copy following code and past it on your Comment Wall (not in your About Me) to display the complete list of winners. Have a look at our wall for an example:

    <img src="" />

And the Winners Are....

We have no red carpet, and we're not wearing fancy gowns or tuxes, but we're pleased to present the winners. We're sure we weren't the only few who found voting to be a series of difficult decisions, because all the nominees were worthy of attention. We had ballots submitted by 214 listeners. If you like, you can review the nominees at our forum. Here are the winners of the Max for each category:

Best Alternative Song:

Meiko---Boys With Girlfriends

Best Blues Song:

The Dodos---Trades and Tariffs

Best Classical Song:

DJ Kaspy---Rakuyou (Fallen Leaves)

Best Country Song:

How I Could Just Kill A Man, covered by Rench

Best Dance Song:

CSS---Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

Best Electronic Song:

Classical Gas, remixed by Westmore

Best Experimental Song:

Enya vs Prodigy, remixed by Lenlow

Best Folk Song:

Meiko---Reasons To Love You

Best Hip-Hop Song:


Best Instrumental Song:

Edwin Tejoz---Life

Best Jazz Song:

hot bitch arsenal---on second thought

Best Pop Song:

Jonathon Coulton---Code Monkey

Best R&B Song:


Best Reggae Song:

Karma Police, covered by Easy Star All Stars

Best Rock Song:

King Tut---Luke's Hymn

Best Vocal Song:

ingrid michaelson---Keep Breathing

Best Cover Song:

Hey Ya, covered by Obadiah Parker

Best Non-English Song:

Sigur Rós---Gobbledigook

Most Underrated Song:

Wake---Buffalo Eskimo

Most Listener-Oriented Arist:

Glenn Case

Overall Greatest Artist:

(Our only tie):

Artist's Artist:

(In this category, only four artists were suggested for nomination. We chose to award each with the award)

Congratulations to all the artists listed above. Each winner will receive a graphic (Max) that they can display both on t61 and elsewhere on the web. Congratulations also to t61 for a year online. Thank you to the entire community of listeners, artists, and developers who have made t61 an adventure worth celebrating.


ganglyblueheron, writing for Evonity, Iyzie, SallySilvera, and mathmanmrt.


iyzie said...

The Max List graphic is available on Flickr:

TokyoSexwhale said...

Nicely done guys, kudos all around.

Mintz said...

Cool. Glad to see these artists get the awards they deserve!

mixtapes + meltdowns said...

This is so cool! Thank you guys!! It means a lot to share this award with such rad artists.

Jesper said...

Enthusiasm and a lot of work! Once again the community spirit of t61 brings smiles to my face - thanks!! J/kind of girl