Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61: Get Your Vote On!

On November 4, it was all about McCain Vs Obama. Some of us wished we were involved that election, but we didn't qualify to choose. From November 5-15, it's all about RAC vs Meiko vs ZUBA vs band of horses, etc, and each of us can have a voice in that!

The Sixtyone is nearly a year old. To celebrate, this month all users of t61will have the chance to vote on the year's best music and artists on the site. A few weeks ago we announced the Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61 and opened up nominations in three categories. You can read about how we came up with all the nominations at The Nominations Process

How to Vote:

> > VOTE HERE < <

We thought you'd like to look over the nominations before voting, and perhaps give them a listen, so we've provided a list with links to each song in our forum: All nominations with links to songs and artists. To make it even more easy, our fellow listener Philomath created playlists in his My Music section, so that you can continuous play every song in a category of your choice. Get the links from our forum or go directly to Philomath's profile page.

To vote, go to Survey Monkey and fill out the survey. Say, for example, If you want to vote for Best Hip Hop Song, and Best Classical Song, but have no opinion for Best Country Song, simply click the option "No opinion." We ask you only to vote once, and in light of this, the survey site will only accept one entry for every IP address. Please alert us to any problems or questions that come up by posting them in our special awards forum here at Max Bumps.

Help Us Get the Word Out

With further changes to communication options at T61, we have had trouble getting the word out about our awards. We think that there are still hundreds of users that haven't heard of our project, and we'd like everyone to be able to vote, so that winning a "Max" will truly mean something to the artists. Please help us in one or all of the following ways:

  1. Display our trademark - a hitchhikers thumb or thumbs up on your profile page. Select the code below, copy it and then paste it in your About Me (listeners) or News (artists) section. What the code does, is render a so called ascii drawing, which are drawings that exists solely from keyboard characters.

    <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;_<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ( ((<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;\ =\<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; __\_ `-\ <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;(____))( \---- <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;(____)) _ <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;(____))<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;(____))____/----<br /><br />

  2. Use big words to link your profile page to this post. You can do that by copying and pasting the next code.

    <h2><a target="_blank" href="">Get Your Vote ON. CLICK THIS LINK</a></h2>

  3. Send subscribers a tunebox about the awards. Use your own words, or this quote:
    From Oct 10 to Nov 21 is hosting the Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61. There will be awards for artists and songs in several different categories. We - the t61 audience - are going to pick the winners. Voting is from Nov 5 to Nov 15. For more details visit asap. Pass this message or something similar on to your subscribers if you want to support this initiative, but before you do, check if they are not involved already.

    For those of you who sent a tunebox to subscribers with our first campaign, here is one that might be more fitting to update subscribers:

    The time has come to vote for the Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61. Voting takes place Nov 5-15. Visit for more details. If you support this project, please pass this message on to your subscribers, but before you do, check that they are not involved already.

  4. Publish a quote of your own onto your wall, or choose one of these. Please consider also posting a sentence on the wall of your group, if no one else has:

    • Love the sixtyone? Let's award the best artists of the past year with the Max Bumps Listener Awards for the 61! See for the whole story.

    • T61 turns one this November! At, we're celebrating with the Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61. Click for more details

    • Vote for the best artists and songs on T61! Go to to learn about the Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61

    • Not eligible to vote for US President? No matter, at least you can vote for the Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61. Go to to read more.

    • Celebrate the best of T61 over the last year by voting for the Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61. Visit for more details.

    • When max bumps aren't enough, there are the Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61. Vote for the best songs and artists of the past year. Find out more at

    • Vote: It's the it thing to do this fall, and here's another reason: The Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61. Visit to see nominations.

  5. If don't have it already, please consider putting a thumb on your avatar. People who never see our walls see our avatars on bump lists and wonder what it's about. See the forum at to find our how.

Thank you for your help with publicity, and for voting for your favourite songs. We will announce the winners of the Maxes November 21. Not all of us can vote for American President, but we can all vote for The Max Bumps Listener Awards for T61. Vote: It's the it thing to do this fall.


Evonity, Mathmanmrt, SallySilvera, and Ganglyblueheron


Karlski said...

Thanks for organising this guys, the amount of work you've put behind this is obviously tremendous.
I really enjoyed the process of deciding where to put my opinions, some of the categories being very difficult to decide upon!
A great piece of work all of you!! I hope that the community as a whole responds to your call!

Batsceba said...

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Storm said...

Is it just me or is the link to vote not working? It just goes back to the blogs home page.

Michele Yamazaki said...

Storm, try here.

J said...

Storm, the survey is designed to only work once for each IP address, because we want each user to only vote once. If you've already voted, it will bring you back to the blog homepage.

mark said...

are the results going to be released on the 21st? isn't the voting over with?

Evonity said...

mark (and others) the survey will close on Thursday, November 20th, at 4pm CST (10pm GMT). Winners will be presented in this blog on Friday, November 21th, at 5pm CST (11pm GMT)