The Art of a Meaningful Comments

I'll be the first to admit that I don't always write the most remarkable comments, but I'm seriously going to try to include something more substantial into all of my comments. Why? Comments can help artists create better music and give them the confidence to upload more songs. Also, good comments can get a song noticed that may otherwise go unnoticed. Remember, a link to your comment will show up in the subscription pane of your subscribers.

There's an art to writing a great comment. Inane comment banter is easy. Just take a look at the average Digg comment or the comments left on Perez Hilton "First! " It's an asinine comment free for all over there). YouTube comments? Here's a grand example: "ok i think u're f**ked and ur getting Mac and Pc mixed up Macs r the best PC's SUCK ASS!!!!! U NEED TO DIE NOW!. "

So, you're pretty clear on a bad comment - but how can you ensure a meaningful, clever and/or creative comment?

1. Make sure you have a point, whether it's positive or negative. If you can't think of anything to say, don't say anything. Here are some ideas of what you can put into valuable comments:

   - What aspect of the song did you like most and why? What didn't you like about the song?
   - What emotion did the song convey to you?
   - Does the song touch on a taboo subject that makes you uncomfortable?
   - Did the song bring up a memory for you or remind you of another song?
   - Is the subject matter, inspiration or instrumentation something you are particularly fond of?

2. Grab their attention. Write with personality and don't be afraid use this little guy if you can't think of another word for 'great'.

3. People like humor, so write something witty, as long as they are about the song or topic at hand.

4. Check your spelling and punctuation. You don't want to people to think you didn't make it past the 5th grade, like the moron who made the YouTube comment above.

5. Ask a question to get feedback from the artist or other listeners and artists. Add to the conversation.

6. Captain obvious says: "Even if your comment is negative, don't be mean spirited". Real men don't start flame wars. Showing tact and an open mind will win you friends and respect.

Remember that guy KosmikRay, the master of creative comments? Let's take a cue from Kosmic... a tribute to the man... the legend. Write some creative comments about songs


arcadia said...

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good post. It was well-written and had a lot of good points.

However, and I'm speaking for myself here, I don't think I'll be using a thesaurus to make a comment on a song. I comment on a lot of songs, and I think to think out each comment that thoroughly would be a bit overkill.

I also believe it was KosmikRay, not Kosmic. :-)

Other than that, I enjoyed this post--keep up the good work!

eatabagel said...

Is this thing on?

TokyoSexwhale said...

Good insight, the commenting feature is great [see what I did there] but it seems to be mostly used as a reiteration of "I like this" which is essentially what a bump does. I know I'm guilty of it myself.