Reward for taking the music outside

The Sixtyone rewards you for all kinds of achievements. You can get bonus points for listening to a certain number of songs (Listen Up), seeing your first bumped songs reaching the homepage (Sensei Of Soul) or spending significantly more points on songs than you earn from them (The Romantic). But you won't be rewarded for taking music from T61 music outsite with you.
The T61 music player contains a little Share button. You can use it to retrieve either the code to embed the song in your own homepage; the code to paste a link to the song in your homepage; send the link by e-mail to a friend.
I use all Share options quite a lot and thus helping the music reach people outside T61. But do I get rewarded for that? No! Well, I think it's great to hear the best music you can imagine for free and even game with it. It's also great that you can actively support Artists, by promoting their works of art and give them usable feedback. But an Artist would benefit even more from us, if we extend their audience by promote their music outside T61.
I would suggest that, to encourage Listeners to promote music they like outside T61, a new Achievement should be developed: Radio Plugger. The function should count the number of plays a Listeners personal blog generates. It should also count the number of songs he sends through e-mail. The sent mail could contain an abuse link which, once clicked by the receiver, penalizes him for spamming. It shouldn't also be too difficult to signal click fraud.

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