Since the demise of unrestricted wall posting, the exchange of free ideas has taken a notable blow. However, over the last couple of weeks, a number of us have been frequenting an IRC channel that I created especially for us t61 addicts. Because you are reading this blog, yes, that means you.

Feel free to stop by for some serious discussion, some random shenanigans, and some good old-fashioned mob mentality. Hi James!

If you are already familiar with IRC:
Server: ChatNet (irc.chatnet.org)
Channel: #TheSixtyOne

For everyone else:
I do recognize that IRC is an ancient protocol, and many of you may be unfamiliar with it. Others may have forgotten it entirely. If either be the case, fear not--it isn't difficult! Simply go to Mibbit.com!

Where it says "Connect to IRC", open the drop-down menu, and scroll until you find ChatNet.org (It's under the General header). Select that; choose your nickname; and type in "#TheSixtyOne" (Without the quotes) where it asks for "Channel(s)". Click "Go", wait a few seconds, and you're there!

Thanks for reading, and see ya soon.

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Punts said...

I'm in. That's schweeeet! Any rules we should know about there?