AnnieB's Detour: Moulinex and SymbolOne

A double post!

Before t61 came along, I had no idea I’d be digging this electronic, 80s-vibe sort of dance music. Particularly, I’ve been very pleased with the two mixes from Moulinex that have come to the site, and I hope more are on their way. Not to be confused with the French manufacturer of small household appliances, Luis Moulinex is a Portuguese dj/German producer who is part of D.I.S.C.O.Texas, a collective of artists (think RAC). I didn’t think anything would come about my random question during my interview with Andre (of RAC) about being from Portugal, and then I read this interview with Luis Moulinex who also admitted Portugal not having a thriving music scene. Portugal sure looks like it's missing out as these artists are fleeting their native country and going elsewhere. Anyway…Moulinex = good stuff!

Cazals – Somebody, Somewhere (Moulinex Remix)

This is the first remix of his I heard.

…and obviously I immediately liked SymbolOne too. Apparently these are long lost “musical” twins that reunited. Not only that, they are Justice and Danger-approved! Justice featured “Love Juice” on their (rejected) Fabric Xmas Mix, and Danger has put his own spin on the track as well.

SymbolOne – Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)

This is another SymbolOne track I like. I should say they have Erotto’s seal of approval too as it is featured in his mix, "The Double Edge".

SymbolOne – Everything Louder Then Everything Else

Moulinex’s myspace
SymbolOne’s myspace

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