Get to Know a Fellow 61'er: Supergrover

We've redesigned the 'Get to Know a Fellow 61'er' to probe deeper into the psyche of your comrade in bumps. Fun, eh. If you've already filled one out and would like to do it again, please do! Just email your results to Batface89.

  1. Your User Name:

  2. When did you join T61?

    Sometime around Thanksgiving of 2007.
  3. What is your current avatar and why did you choose it?

    Why it's Super Grover! It's a stylized version created by my canukkistan compadre, myktoronto.
  4. What part of the world are you in?

    Ohio. South of Columbus, north of Cincinnati.
  5. What type of work do you do that allows you so much time on a computer? Do you bump at work? Have you ever been reprimanded for excessive bandwidth usage? :-)

    I create databases and software for contractors, various needs. Time in the home area, time in DC, San Antonio, Phoenix, Albuquerque. I do bump at work. The group I sit in is, logically, outside the firewall so the streaming isn't as stringent as
    it might be otherwise.

  6. How would you describe your bumping personality? Are you a player? In it for the music? Has your style changed since the site changes?

    Definitely a mixed style. I'll bump any song I like. Period. First bumps are (almost only) songs that I like, not normally a consideration of whether it'll do big or not. (You can tell if you look at my stats) I tried guessing which might do what early after I noticed an influx of Second Life folk and thought I'd try to profit from their tendencies. It didn't do well.
    My style has certainly changed since the changes. I used to max bump songs that I really thought would do well (band of horses, for example), but now I'll do two or three to start and then a couple later to keep it on the activity page. This new 'groupie' thing may influence that activity a bit. We will see.

    Definitely in it for the music. If the music were all geetar and a microphone with no production, I'd not stick around. (Apologies to some artists who are that style who I happen to think are pretty good)

  7. Got any good strategy you would like to share with newbies or do you think new users should have to figure it out for themselves?

    I did do a write up on someone's wall once. Look for it. It's good! (here it is, mathmanmrt, page 8). I think the strategy has been slightly evolving away from that. Plus I've been busy with work and appointments that my points aren't reflecting like they used.

  8. The 61 hitting Diggs Home page... good or bad? Discuss.

    It was a bit buggy that day, but Sam and James got things back in tune. Good thing. Good thing. Gives me more walls to snark on.

Here are some great questions stolen from Pandora (hey, they had great questions... thanks for finding them d!) and a few originals.

  1. What is the first album you ever bought?

    Wow. I actually remember buying it.

    It was TOTO : TOTO. I think it was around 1979 or 1980. Man, that is still a good album. I actually "listened" to it by digging through YouTube a few weeks ago and found most of the songs on video from some live show in Germany whaaaay back then.

    My first real album that I owned was Jefferson Airplane 'Ride the Tiger'. My mother bought it for me on christmas.

    My first EVER album was Tommy the Tuba... a kids album of some sort.

  2. How has your music taste matured since you were a teenager?

    Shiiit. When I was a kid, I knew how to ROCK baby! Player. Badfinger. Styx. Yes. Then I grew to understand what corporate rock was. Grew disenchanted with the whole thing. Didn't know about college rock, so it was top 40 or WTUE. Sucked.

    Then I found The Clash on a faint radio station from a kinda local college. Started listening to that station and found the Ramones and NY Dolls and other interesting stuff. Still never invested myself enough to do concerts or anything until the late 80's when great music came out... you know... RATT, Riot, YNT. god it sucked. Hell, I started listening to talk radio.
    REM and the like came out and drew me back in a bit.
    Grunge reinvigorated it for me for a while... but nothing got me back to enjoying sitting at a radio all day. Then I found on a throwaway thread on bannination. Been mclovin it ever since. (I really went years without being concerned about what was on the radio)

  3. Do you think that the way a song changes with repeated listening is in any way related to where that piece of music might fit into the spectrum that goes from entertainment to art?

    Yes. There are some songs that I can listen to over and over and the influence varies depending upon the mood I'm in.

    REM, 10kManiacs, STP. Sometimes you wanna dance. Sometimes you wanna sit back and stare at the ceiling. Sometimes you want to kick a chair over. I think many good artists have songs that can do all of that.

  4. Have you ever heard something that completely failed to interest you on the first listen, which later ended up being a very important piece of music to you?

    Yes. There is one on thesixtyone. September 29th's 'But'. The first time I heard it, I almost turned my nose at it. (I've told her this, so I hope it's not a secret) I couldn't get past her voice at first. But boy, the first time I heard the lyrics I fell in love with it. Deeply. It's a fantastic song on many levels. I've also been able to recognize her voice as an instrument itself, although her singing is non-traditional it is a very wondrous tool. For so long I wondered why nobody else bumped her except flapjacksyrup and batsceba and she was stuck on a low level. Dammit, I wanted her to upload soemthing new for the wake. I must've sent out 100+ tuneboxes that day. It helped. Woohoo for me.

    Have you ever listened to a song so much that you got sick of it? What's going on there?
    My high school buds would kill me: Led Zeppelin. just smoked out on it. I was that guy with the Chevelle SS going down the strip with Kashmir playing as loud as I could take. What a twit.
  5. Do you think that the way a song changes with repeated listening is in any way related to where that piece of music might fit into the spectrum that goes from entertainment to art?

    No. Anybody who says otherwise is a pretentious git.

    (I'm stealing back a couple of the questions)
    14. Current Favorite Artist on t61: easy: Band of Horses. Lots of artists I really love on there, but this is an easy answer.

  6. Artist you most wish would upload music: non-t61?

    Don't care. Whoever gets here, I'll listen.

    T61 artist? Keith Warren. The bits he has are magnificent. Curious to see what range of style he has.
  7. Who is the listener you'd most like meet in person?

    Oh, clearly this person : (new window).
  8. Anything else to say:

    Yes. Very much. I want so greatly to thank all those who have offered me their support in these last couple of weeks. It's going to be a trying time, I'm sure, but I'm keeping optomistic thanks to some personal success stories that were tuneboxed to me and the jokes and all the kind wishes.

    I'm really quite overwhelmed (who's cutting onions in here?) by the sudden influx of grovertars / supportatars that have popped up as my first chemo approaches. It's hilarious and emotional all at once. Thanks to all who've done it and to bryank who, I believe, was the first. Jeesh, even a couple artists have done it... Glenn Case, bitwise, Evil Seagulls, Room Nineteen, alluswe. (I shouldn't list for fear of missing one...)

  9. Found for me by some elvis impersonator:



willie said...

Ride the tiger was Jefferson Starship, an altogether different beast. And the album was Dragon Fly.
I really should just shut up at times.

Proves I'm reading though ;-)

Joe said...

a very informative read, especially if you follow the link to the sort of 'strategy discussion' on mathmanmrt's wall. i'd love to see similar pointers for artists on how to maximize exposure (while still not "gaming the system" of course). because naturally, ahem, i'm sure my songs should be getting more listens and bumps than they are... :)