I'll have some Brie with that baguette: Parisian take-away shows

I just came out of one of those never-ending youtube sessions... One clip leads to another, and another and another…and before you know it, half the day's gone. Well, this time, I discovered a goldmine for music magic. It’s a youtube channel called “LaBlogotheque” and their thing is to capture live performances in very intimate/unusual settings in Paris. What got me all excited was the fact that so many of my current favourite artists have taken part in these “concerts a emporter” (“take-away shows") and that it all takes place in my hometown (I can now see on the original blogotheque website, that they've branched out to other cities such as New York)

the website is called blogotheque.net. Here's a link to the English version

Here’s a small sample of these moments of pure magic:

Alela Diane outside a Parisian church

Arcade Fire in an elevator

Beirut on the streets of Paris, making good use of the trash cans

Grizzly Bear in a Parisian bathroom

Vampire weekend in a van

Bon Iver – there are so many to choose from, so I’ll go for the one that features this funny French building attendant at the beginning. Make sure to watch this one till the end for they hit the streets half way through the performance.


AnnieB said...

i love this site! found it through lankysob a while ago and i remember being thrilled to see a lot of really good acts on there. haven't checked it out for awhile, so thanks for the post!

Michele Yamazaki said...

Oh, I totally forgot about this site. I came across it a while back also, probably thru lankysob's link. Thanks for reminding me. What an interesting concept for live performances.