Adventures Close to Home

Within the hour that it took for someone to first bump Holy Hail "Samo Son (Ghost Note Ltd. Remix)", this is what I found. I got curious as to what else this group had going for them since the track was intriguing. I ended up stumbling on other things from their label, Adventures Close to Home, via myspace. Maybe not the greatest videos or anything, but these tracks have quite a bit of spunk that caught my ear and I thought I'd share some of my music explorations just from a single track that came to t61 via a blog.

I like the colors in the video and this track reminded me of The Ting Tings a bit.
Holy Hail 'Cool Town Rock'

This song has some great percussions.
Free Blood "The Royal Family"

And this poppy tune has some handclapping and cool female vocals.
Stricken CIty - Tak o Tak

Anyway, this is one example of how I utilize t61 and why I like it.

Holy Hail
Free Blood
Stricken City

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