Bagel Bites

Hello you crazy 61 ers'
I can't believe how many of us (you) have hung in with James and Sam. It's been a while for me so I am just getting back into the swing of inhabiting the site and listening to good music again. So what has everyone been up to? I myself had to take a break as I was spending way to much time refreshing the less than ten bumps page (trying to play the game.) I'm over that now and just looking for some good tunes. Here is what I found when I came back.

Seriously. I really thought we were trying to avoid groupthink. Bah, I'll skip this one as I'll probably just get angry. I did join the MaxBumps group though.

Still Underrated:

if:then:goto has been one of my favorite artists on the site since I have arrived and these tracks continue to stand out for me amidst all of the other artists. I highly recommend checking them out.
This next track is just bad ass.

New Favorites:
I have known of Bobby Conn for a long time and this song has always cracked me up. The borrowed Jackson 5 sounds and the lyrics about giving head the man are the spotlights. Since I just wanted to get my feet wet after being away for a while I will leave you with this song.

Hasta la pasta!

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