The Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61

November will be the anniversary of The Sixtyone first going public. To mark the occasion, a group of listeners got together at Max Bumps to plan the first Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61. Voting is what we do best at t61. For a year, we've bumped our favourite songs to the homepage, and then replaced them with new favourites. What better way to celebrate than to choose and record definitive favourites for this past inaugural year of the sixtyone?

We will have 22 categories:
  • Best Song personally uploaded by the artist themselves in each of the 16 genres (You know--the genres listed down the left panel of the homepage)
  • Greatest Overall Artist
  • Best Cover Song
  • Best Non-English Language Song
  • Most Listener-Oriented Artist
  • Most Underrated Song
  • Artist's Artist (chosen only by artists)
Not to be outdone by the Oscars, we have also chosen an appropriate nickname for our awards: Max. Winners will receive a badge to post on their profile and other websites. All nominees will receive increased attention as listeners vote on songs. We hope that this contest will reward artists for their music, as well as promote t61 to the wider online community.

As most of you are aware, some of the music we enjoy on t61 is actually scraped from blogs and other online sources, rather than being posted by the individual artists themselves. In light of this, the Best Song by genre awards will only be open to songs personally uploaded by artists, but the Best Overall Artist, and Best Cover Song will be open to any artist or song on the site, whether the artist is actually involved there or not.

The Nomination Process

From October 11 to October 25, you have the opportunity to offer nominations in two categories, if you're a listener, and one other category if you're an artist.

  1. Listeners can nominate the artist that they feel is most oriented to listeners with this special Submission form
  2. Listeners can nominate one song with less than 50 bumps for the Most Underrated Song award by sending it in a tunebox to Evonity or Ganglyblueheron. The song should also have been uploaded at least 2 months ago. Please indicate that you are sending this song as a nomination in the tunebox text. We will confirm receipt of your nomination by posting your name on our wall, so please check back to see it. A Jury will select 5 songs from all that are sent to us as nominations.
  1. Artists can nominate the artist that they feel exemplifies the best of what it means to be a t61 artist in their support of other artists, attention to their fans, and quality of their music, regardless of genre, by tuneboxing their nominations from their artist accounts to Evonity or Ganglyblueheron. The text portion of the tunebox should state that they are making a nomination and which artist they are nominating. Receipt of the tuneboxes will be made daily on our walls, so please check back to look for it.

Artists with listener accounts are free to offer nominations for Most Listener-Oriented Artist, and Most Under-rated Song using their listener account, but we ask that you refrain from nominating yourself.

Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61 Special Forum

We've set up a special Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61 forum to make announcements, troubleshoot any difficulties that arise in nominating or voting, and answer any other questions you might have. You can find it on the Max Bumps forums page. If you are new to Max Bumps, we hope you take the opportunity to look around the various conversations and join this extension of t61 community.

Help Us Get The Word Out

With all the spam prevention measures in place on t61, we can't personally contact everyone about our awards. We need your help to make this project to a success. Here's what you can do:

  1. Display our trademark - a hitchhikers thumb or thumbs up on your profile page. Select the code below, copy it and then paste it in your About Me (listeners) or News (artists) section. What the code does, is render a so called ascii drawing, which are drawings that exists solely from keyboard characters.

    <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;_<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ( ((<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;\ =\<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; __\_ `-\ <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;(____))( \---- <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;(____)) _ <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;(____))<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;(____))____/----<br />

  2. Use big words to link your profile page to this post. You can do that by copying and pasting the next code.

    <h2><a target="_blank" href="">HITCH A RIDE TO THE MAX BUMPS LISTENER AWARDS FOR T61. CLICK THIS LINK</a></h2>

  3. Send subscribers a tunebox about the awards. Use your own words, or this quote:
    From Oct 10 to Nov 21 is hosting the Max Bumps T61 Listener Awards. There will be awards for artists and songs in several different categories. We - the t61 audience - are going to pick the winners. For two categories - Most Underrated Song and Most Listener oriented Artist - listeners can submit their own favorite nominees. For more details visit asap. Pass this message or something similar on to your subscribers if you want to support this initiative, but before you do, check if they are not involved already.

    Please check their wall to make sure they're not already involved before sending them anything. We don't want to annoy anyone!

  4. Edit your own avatar to display our project logo - a hitchhikers thumb. Visit the Awards project forum to find out how.

  5. Publish a quote on your own Comment Wall. Write your own, or pick one of these...
    • Love the sixtyone? Let's award the best artists of the past year with the Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61! See for the whole story.
    • When max bumps aren't enough, there are the Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61. Vote for the best artists of the past year. Find out more at
    • T61 turns one this November! At, we're celebrating with the Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61. Click for more details
    • Love a song no one else has noticed? Nominate it for Most Under-rated Song in the Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61. See for more.
    • Which artist seems to care the most about you, the listener? Nominate him or her for Most Listener-Oriented Artist Award in the Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61 (
    • You're an artist, but this person is the artist on T61 who supports you the most. Nominate them for the Artist's Artist Award in the Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61(
    • Is there an artist that takes your interests to the max? Nominate them for Most Listener-Oriented Artist Award in the Max Bumps Listener Awards For T61 (that's max for short). See for more.

On November 4, we'll announce the nominations and explain how to vote. Voting will take place from November 5 to November 15. Winners will be announced on November 21.

Help us choose the best nominations so that in November you can vote for the best of the best.


Evonity, Mathmanmrt, SallySilvera, Iyzie, and Ganglyblueheron