Additional Quest Guide

I've compiled a handy list of all the new quests available on thesixtyone from the 5/13/09 update.

Main Quests

  1. The Follower> - Subscribe to three or more listeners whose musical tastes you like. Discover other listeners by visiting the suggested users page. (10 reputation, 2 hearts)
  2. Tag, You're it!  - Tag five songs -- songs can be tagged after they've been saved. You can access your tagged songs by visiting your profile. (10 reputation, 1 heart)
  3. Super Saver - Click the 'save' link for five songs you'd like to play later in your library. You can view your saved songs by visiting your profile. (5 reputation, 1 heart)
  4. Unlock Browse - Play 50 songs to unlock the browse menu. (10 reputation, 2 hearts)
  5. A Reputable Listener - Earn at least 10 reputation points from hearting music. You can track your progress by visiting your stats page. (5 reputation, 1 heart)
  6. If I Only Had A Heart - Listen to a song for a minute, and, if you like it, click the heart button. (5 reputation, 1 heart)
  7. It's Just For You - Heart three or more songs in your just for you stream. (10 reputation, 1 heart)
  8. In The Mood - Listen to five different moods on the home page. (At least five minutes for each mood.) (10 reputation, 3 hearts)
  9. Featurerama - Feature three songs on your profile. (5 reputation, 5 hearts)
  10. No Longer Sojourners - Join a group which matches your musical tastes or create one yourself. (10 reputation, 1 heart)
  11. Community Playlist - Listen to the five songs in the front page of your group in one sitting. (15 reputation, 2 hearts)
  12. The Evangelist - Invite five or more friends to join in the musical adventure. (50 reputation, 5 hearts)
  13. Pour Your Hearts Out - Max out your hearts on five or more of your favorite songs. (Level 5 required) (15 reputation, 3 hearts)
  14. Make Your Voice Heard - Leave comments on five or more songs that you have max hearted explaining why you like the songs. (20 reputation, 2 hearts)
  15. Creative Commons  - Listen to seven or more songs with the creative commons license. (15 reputation, 3 hearts)
  16. This Just In - Listen to seven songs on the first pages of the recently posted section of the home page. (10 reputation, 2 hearts)
  17. >Dead Or Alive - Listen to five songs that have been revived or are eligible for reviving. (10 reputation, 2 hearts)
  18. Radio Surfing - Listen to the personal radios of five listeners for at least five minutes each. (10 reputation, 2 hearts)
  19. Refined Taste - Maintain a play count to songs hearted ratio of at least 20:1 today over a minimum of 100 plays and five hearts. (30 reputation, 3 hearts)
  20. The Auctioneer - Put in a bid to revive a song by visiting the revive bids page (only recent bids are counted). (30 reputation, 3 hearts)

Daily Quests

  1. The Early Bird - Listen to a song that's less than an hour old. (15 reputation, 2 hearts)
  2. Earworm - Listen to your favorite song at least 5 times in a row. (5 reputation, 2 hearts
  3. No Song Left Behind - Listen to seven songs with less than fifty hearts that are more than a day old. (15 reputation, 3 hearts)
  4. This Just In - Listen to seven songs on the first pages of the recently posted section of the home page. (10 reputation, 2 hearts)
  5. >Caution - Very Hot - Listen to seven songs on the first pages of the hot tab of the home page. (5 reputation, 2 hearts)
  6. Look To The Genius - Listen to song recommendations provided by genius for five songs for at least five minutes each. (15 reputation, 2 hearts)
  7. Try The Rack - Listen to music on The Rack (under the browse menu) until you earn 5 reputation. (5 reputation, 2 hearts)
  8. Audio Explorer - Listen to seven songs in under-explored genres (15 reputation, 2 hearts)


Marc said...

Are you having problems with any of the quests? It seems like I cannot do the earthworm challenge. I listen to a song from start to finish and it does not work.
Sometimes I will get to 3/5 and then for what ever reason it goes back to 1/5

kevincobarno said...

For the Earworm quest:
from mathman_mr_t

1. open the song in a new tab/window so it plays automatically.
2. play a little over 1 minute of the song.
3. refresh the browser so it starts again.
4. repeat 4 times.

kilexia said...

This is great. Thanks for posting it.

Marc said...

Thanks a bunch! Worked great. I tried a few other ways and none of them seemed to work.

Benjamin said...

just came across the "6/1 day" quest. listen to 61 songs on 6-1-09... in conjunction with the electrofreaks attempt at unlocking the mosh pit achievement.