CD Review: Sean Fournier, Oh My

Hey. I'm Laura Bradford, better known as kilexia on thesixtyone.

I've always been amazed by musicians who create albums on their own, and yet still manage to pack in as much sound as an entire band--heck, sometimes an entire orchestra.

Sean Fournier is such an artist. He's rather new on thesixtyone, but his songs routinely pass 1,000 hearts. And, in an effort to spread the word about his music, he's offering his fourth album, Oh My, for free.

The six tracks are mostly re-recordings of previously released songs, with the exception of the new song "Holding the Hand of the Hurricane." Here's the track listing:

1. Broken Stereo (Accoustic Version)
2. Put The World on Stop (Piano Version)
3. Another Like You (Piano Version)
4. Goodbye (Piano Version)
5. Falling For You (Piano Version)
6. Holding the Hand of the Hurricane

His sound is hard to pin down. I want to say he's a little like The Fray or Quiet Company, but really, the music defies comparison.

The album starts off with "Broken Stereo," a sweet, bouncy, tender love song. The next song, "Put the World on Stop" sparkles with piano melodies; it's a great track for spring, and it's going to see a lot of play on my Mp3 player.

"Another Like You" hums and vibrates with strings, and "Goodbye" shows off his skill at keys.

"Falling For You" feels like a finale for the album, and "Holding the Hand of the Hurricane," an encore. "Hurricane" is bold and percussive, putting on a show of sound that mimics a summer storm.

Overall, Sean Fournier has great vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation. I hope his efforts at promotion work out, because he deserves to be a big success.

You can stream or download the album from Sean Fournier's web site or listen to it on his profile at thesixtyone.

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