Recent Changes to Thesixtyone

On May 11, the ability to save songs on thesixtyone without "hearting" them was briefly removed. Also, every song a user hearted was automatically saved. When users complained, it was fixed, with an update on James's blog explaining that the change wasn't quite "fully baked" yet. Fair enough. He posted an adorable picture of a hedgehog, so I’ll forgive him.

Also introduced this week are quests, similar to accomplishments. They offer hearts and reputation points for doing a certain activity, like listening to a certain number of songs, trying part of the site, etc. When quests are completed, they disappear, replaced by new ones.

List of Routine Quests I've found so far:

If I Only Had a Heart - heart a song
A Reputable Listener - earn 10 reputation points
Unlock Browse - play 50 songs
Super Saver - save 5 songs
Tag, You're It! - tag 5 songs into playlists
The Follower - subscribe to 3 listeners

Once you finish those, the following pop up:

Look to the Genius
Try The Rack
Just For You

There’s also a Daily Quest for today:

Early Bird - heart a song that's less than 1 hour old

The guides for the quests are sometimes confusing, and could be a lot clearer. For example, what does "Listen to song recommendations provided by genius for five songs for up to five minutes each" mean? (I just clicked on some genius playlists and hoped for the best.) Also, when I logged out, all my progress on the unfinished "Look to the Genius" quest was erased, but I’m not sure if this is the case for all quests. The feature will probably be smoothed out and tweaked in the next few days.

Another change I've noticed: if users have added a song to their favorites, they can "edit tags" on it from anywhere in the site (on an artist’s profile, for instance) and therefore change what playlist(s) they want the song to be in.

All in all, thesixtyone's been through some hefty changes these past few days. Thoughts?

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