Get to know your fellow 61'ers

You know those annoying questionnaires you get from friends from high school you don't particularly like to answer? Here's another you probably won't like!

If you'd like to participate, cut and paste the following and add your own answers. Email to and we'll feature a different 61'er every few days, or whenever I get around to it. Feel free to be as elaborate as you like with your answers. Web space is cheap.

  1. Your 61 Listener ID:
  2. Current Favorite Artist:
  3. Artist you most wish would upload music:
  4. Your musical guilty pleasure:
  5. How did you hear of The Sixty One?
  6. How much less productive are you since you've joined?
  7. What is the biggest change you'd make to The Sixty One?
  8. Who is the listener you'd most like meet in person?
  9. What do you think of Second Life Avatars for musicians and users?
  10. What sort of stuff would you like to see on this blog?