Same Song, Different Artist: Hallelujah

The song Hallelujah was originally released by Leonard Cohen in 1984. It has been covered numerous times but was most notably (and beautifully) covered by Jeff Buckley for his 1994 album, Grace..

Several artists at TheSixtyOne have also covered the song. Which do you prefer? Leave a comment below.

Suzen JueL

Frogg & Jaycatt

Big Chicken Dinner

On The Rocks


Batface89 said...

The On The Rocks version is my favorite. Amazing.

timyjl said...

I think the bump counts speak for them selfs.
My fav is Suzen jewL's. It is unique yet faithful to the original. OtR is a close second. I'm sure it will soar when it posts. The rest get a flatly inflected derisive meh

eatabagel said...

I'd have to say that the on the rocks version is the best of the bunch. I like Joels stab at it though.