10 Cool Websites We Recommend

Ploomy posted an article which was just Dugg. Guess what the first one listed is? Our favorite The Sixty One!

Thesixtyone makes music discovery fun again. You’ll like it because it’s like a safari for music junkies. Get rewarded for discovering new music and having discerning tastes. Don’t blame us if you stay up late looking for that one track that helps you level up. Oh yeah, they also have of one the best UI experiences of all the music sites we’ve been too.

It's a great article and also mentions Hulu.com, which is a favorite of mine. I highly recommend Journey to the Center of the Earth.


AnnieB said...

no wonder the number of those listening to the hot page jumped from 2-3k to over 9k! even the best tab has taken a significant leap. that's absolutely great! though, i am experiencing some hiccups while streaming music. hopefully the site can handle this increased traffic.

Anthony said...
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