Old Nerdy Bastard

I thought there might be quite a few people around here who would be interested in a compilation of nerdy remixes that dropped yesterday, since there are quite a few names on it that should be familiar to all of you.
The ensuing round of musical mayhem is a collection of remixes, mash-ups, and re-orchestrations of geeky tracks from across the spectrum. There’s nerdcore, of course, and Wizard Rock, geek rock (or, grock, as it’s come to be called in some circles) and even a dash of foreign language goodness on the menu, reworked by a delightfully eclectic collection of DJs, producers, and musicians. I owe each of these participants an equal measure of thanks, as this is really their album.
thesixtyone artists involved with the compilation (I'm probably missing some):
Jonathan Coulton
The Grammar Club
Brad Sucks
Glenn Case

For those whose interest is piqued, it's a free download at hipsterplease.com

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