AnnieB's Detour: Electric President

I’m a bit surprised Electric President didn’t take off immediately when it was uploaded to thesixtyone, especially when their sound reminds me of Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, and Styrofoam. A few weeks versus a day sort of shows how reliant we are on familiar names. Anyway, Electric President is comprised of two guys, Ben Cooper and Alex Kane.

….and I literally kept playing these two songs over and over again.

The songs are characterized by nasalized voices, acoustic riffs, MD-four tracks, SM58, and some computers.

Also, to find out more about Ben Cooper’s other music projects, you can visit his website at this link. If you’re interested in checking out his artwork, you can click here.

P.S. I sent a brief message over myspace letting him know the songs were sitting at the top of the homepage at the time. He replied and was appreciative. So he knows about thesixtyone now, but I think it ends there.

Radical Face’s Website
Radical Face’s Mypace
Electric President’s Mypace (I think this one is run by the label)

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