On the road with d: Matthew Ryan

I was reminded of Matthew Ryan earlier this week when I got my contest prize. See, One Little Indian Records who sent us our prizes also is the label that Matthew Ryan is currently signed to in the UK and honestly, I would have loved to have gotten something of Matthew Ryan's as an extra.

Matthew Ryan's a singer-songwriter from Nashville who has been making albums for just over a decade now. He released his first album May Day in 1997. Last month, he released his eleventh album Matthew Ryan vs. The Silver State.

Two of Matthew Ryan's songs appeared on the site in March. These were both from his tenth album From a Late Night High Rise released in 2006. The songs came together at a time in his life right around when two pivotal events occurred: a close friend died of cancer and his brother was sentenced to a 30 year prison term. Ryan's said that he wanted this album to sound like sorrow; "'High Rise' is about all the thoughts that haunt you when you lose someone and you realize that there will never be enough time." His music on this album is actually markedly different from much of his previous work with a more electronic sound and more use of synth.

His eleventh album Matthew Ryan vs. The Silver State in many ways represents him recovering. The music moves back out of the electronic phase of his last album back towards a more roots-oriented flavor, but again he produces music that examines emotions in moving ways. Below are two songs from this album as well as one from his 2003 album Regret Over the Wires.

Matthew Ryan - Meet Me by the River

Matthew Ryan - Jane, I Still Feel the Same

Matthew Ryan - Return to Me

Matthew Ryan's website
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