On the road with d: Jim Noir

If you haven't heard of Jim Noir, you may be a bit more familiar with his music then you think since his music has graced TV shows and commercials. Most recently his song My Patch was adapted for use in a commonly aired 2007 holiday commerical for Target.

Jim Noir - My Patch

The plucked descending scale was what really drew me into this quirky and fun number that has about as repetitive lyrics as could possibly be imagined. He simply repeats the same line of words over and over again. However, the way he plays with the music really keeps the song fun and upbeat and anything but repetitive.

Jim Noir is a singer-songwriter from Manchester and his music sits in that realm of psychedelic electro-pop using a lot of those electronic effects that were popular back in the sixties. He makes great use of melodies and hooks as well as making good use of counterpoint in his layered vocal lines. His first album Tower of Love (which My Patch was on) released in 2006 was a self-made effort; the songs were recorded at his home in Chorlton and he played all the instruments that you hear in his songs.

Don't You Worry, which appeared on the site in March, is off of his self-titled album that was released last month. He hit the road and recorded this album at Abbey Road, but he still played all the instruments himself and did all the finishing work himself.

Below are two more songs by Jim Noir: one more from his first album and one more from the new one.

Jim Noir - The Key Of C

Jim Noir - Happy Day Today

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Batface89 said...

Fantastic. Thanks for the introduction. I totally missed the tune at The Sixty One.