AnnieB's Detour: Estelle

Alright, I’m going to stray into the mainstream world a bit because I really like this next artist who Rolling Stones listed as an ‘artist to watch’ last year. Her name is Estelle. She’s British and is already pretty big in the UK from what I’ve read and is starting to make a bigger mark in the States. She’s been compared to Lauryn Hill since they share a similar musical style and pull influences from all sorts of genres. That, and Estelle can rap and sing. I also sort of think of her as the female counterpart of John Legend, which makes sense since she was the first artist signed to his record label, Homeschool Records. Her album, Shine, has already been released in the UK and is set to release in the U.S. on April 29th.

Her current single is “American Boy” featuring Kanye West which is already No. 1 in the UK. Speaking of Kanye West, there’s a new video out for his song “Homecoming” featuring Chris Martin.

Music Videos:
American Boy
Wait a Minute (Just a Touch)

Other tracks:
Estelle - No Substitute Love
Estelle - In The Rain

She has also worked with Faithless on a song called “Why Go” which I really like. If you haven’t already done so, check out the video. It should possibly encourage you to enjoy life and keep on dancing.

And to tie this entire post back to t61, guess who has done a mix of her current single? That’s right, Danger! Have a listen.
Estelle - American Boy (Danger Remix)

Estelle’s Myspace

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