Get to know a fellow 61'er: mikegreen

  1. Your 61 Listener ID: mikegreen - usually with the radioactive face pic, but currently with a radioactive guinea pig. Handle's nothing original - just chunks of my actual name.
  2. Current Favorite Artist:
    Port O'Brien currently - it came to T61 as a result of two blog scrapes, and I'm waiting for the album I've bought to cross the Atlantic as I speak. We guys in the UK aren't allowed to buy Amazon mp3s yet - go figure......
  3. Artist you most wish would upload music: Curtis Eller - although actually his stuff isn't that much the usual style I tend to listen to, I love it. I do think he'd fit right in on T61 tho', and would be popular.
  4. Your musical guilty pleasure: I have no guilt about anything I listen to. I suppose my private penchant for French cafe songs of the interwar period might generate a degree of whispering behind my back though. And it is worth pointing out to the unwary at this point that while many things I like fit right in with the T61 superbumpers and wider community, I also have what you fine folk might consider to be taste blindspots, which mark me a little apart. You wouldn't like everything I bump.
  5. How did you hear of The Sixty One? One rainy afternoon, I was bored with everything I had to listen to already, and started doing Google searches to find something new. T61 came up on one.
  6. How much less productive are you since you've joined? No less productive at all, now you mention it. I am now a lazy dissolute loafer who listens to more diverse music than ever before. That's maybe even an increase in productivity. But when I finish University and get a job again, I'm sure I'll not spend as much time on T61.
  7. What is the biggest change you'd make to The Sixty One? Tuneboxing that's worth a damn with address books. General discussion forums that are searchable. Just a little Artist & Listener consultation. Oh, and searchable, organisable stats. I tend to bump in frenzied batches because stuff often uploads ands get mega-bumped in a more US oriented timeframe, and I have to catch up later in UK time. So I often bump-bump-bump, without listening to stuff completely, and then play from my stats later before you guys greet the dawn, to organise my adds and playlists.
  8. Who is the listener you'd most like meet in person? Anyone I've engaged with on walls, forums, or listener events. Oh, and hodj - who hasn't been seen on the site for months. He was an early mentor when I got started.
  9. What do you think of Second Life Avatars for musicians and users? I've never been 'in world', haven't been tempted to, and I genuinely don't get it. But I don't get, inter alia, religion, teetotalism, swinging parties, morris dancing, SUV owners, smoking bans, grand theft auto, gun ownership, American Football, Hello magazine, or Virginia Woolf either, so I'm not too worried by not getting it. I defend diversity because we all diversify from one another somewhere along the way - it just depends where you draw the lines.
  10. What sort of stuff would you like to see on Max Bumps?
    It's doing just fine as we speak. The mix of T61 activity such as bump campaigns, artist info, real world gigs and events, and member to member dialogue is a really good balance. I'm kinda ticked off that I only found out about Zuba when they were already no more - as one of not too many UK based acts featured, I might have got to see them.

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