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My favorite of the Andrew Maury remixes is the one of Jukebox the Ghost's Good Day. However, I'll admit that when I first heard it on the site, I'd never heard the original so I wasn't sure whether I was responding to the remix itself or whether the strength of the song lied in the original. So I went looking for more about Jukebox the Ghost and I'm glad I did.

Jukebox the Ghost is a trio from Washington D.C. playing a brand of piano power pop that's gotten them compared to Ben Folds a lot. Their generally upbeat music is fun and playful and generally features both quirky lyrics and interesting dynamics. Plus, they can really play those instruments.

Good Day with its piano riffs and its catchy chorus definitely stands out as a strong song on its own, but I ended up having to say that I actually prefer Andrew Maury's take on the song a tad better. The differences between the two primarily lie in the addition of a driving beat as well as more subtle touches on the vocal and piano lines. To me, the additions give the song a tighter sound, though one thing I do like about the original is how different various sections of the song are and I think this is lost a little bit in the remix.

Jukebox the Ghost - Good Day

Anyway, it's a good week to talk about Jukebox the Ghost because their album Let Live and Let Ghosts just came out this past Tuesday. Here are a few more songs by Jukebox the Ghost to listen to.

Jukebox the Ghost - Hold It In

Jukebox the Ghost - Under My Skin

Jukebox the Ghost - Where Are All the Scientists Now?

Jukebox the Ghost's MySpace

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