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I'm not a script writer like Radhruin, but I am the Google Mistress.

If I ever need to search for anything that isn't showing up in the normal search at The Sixty One, such as a detail I remember from a band footprint page, but I can't remember the name, I use Google. The trick is to search the site. For example, if you're looking for bands from Ireland, you could try entering this in the google search box: ireland

I've put together a search box that is easier because it will search the site without entering the

Another tip: Did you know you can use Google as a calculator? Try entering some numbers - say you need to know what 15% off of 87 is. In Google, put 87*.85 in the search box (since 100-15=85.... I can do that one in my head. lol.) I use this all the time because I always have my browser open, but going to my Dashboard can be tedious.

The answer is 73.95, by the way.


Dolmere said...

If you're using Dashboard you're likely a Mac user. There's an easier way than Google or Dashboard to get your calculations done - spotlight. Press command-space to bring up the spotlight search box and type your equation out (87*.85) and at the top of the search results will be the calculator app complete with your answer.

You can also do this to look up words in the dictionary - search spotlight for "Spotlight" and you'll see "Dictionary: noun a lamp projecting a..." - for the full definition click that link.

Batface89 said...

Good tip. Thanks. I don't use spotlight all that much. I have been using Mac since OS 7 and haven't bothered checking into the new features much.

john patinson said...

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