On the road with d: Teitur

I want to take a moment to talk about Teitur. You may remember the song Catherine the Waitress, which appeared on the site at the end of March. This song is actually off of Teitur's newest album The Singer released in Scandinavia in February. The album's currently available for digital download though the album isn't widely released in the States and Canada until May 13.

Teitur's a singer-songwriter from the Faroe Islands and he has an amazing tenor voice that I don't think can be really appreciated in a song like Catherine the Waitress. The instrumentally stripped down song All My Mistakes from his second album Stay Under the Stars is a different story, though. When there's just a piano accompanying him, his voice really shines. This was the song that won me over.

Teitur - All My Mistakes

Teitur's especially known for his song writing. "I know some writers make a point about having a complete story: beginning, ending, moral, everything. I just do my best to describe it, and leave the rest up to mystery. I like it open-ended to freeze a moment in time. Sometimes you write it right out of your head, then you see what you were saying when it's finished. Sometimes, at that right place and time, there will be a key that unlocks our feelings," Teitur has said about his song writing.

Below are two more songs by Teitur that I enjoy.

Teitur - Louis, Louis

Teitur - Rough Around the Edges

Teitur's almost finished his current tour in the UK; he hits the United States and Canada starting this coming week going from coast to coast to promote his new album. You can see the schedule on either site below.

Teitur's website
Teitur's MySpace


Batface89 said...

I love his voice. Terrific! So... Faroe Islands, eh. You don't hear of many (any?) artists from Faroe Islands. That's very cool. Thanks for the info.

Ben said...

Thanks for the post about Teitur. I got to know him trough T61. The other songs are great also.