Get to know a fellow 61'er: kafkajoubert

  1. Your 61 Listener ID: kafkajoubert
  2. Current Favorite Artist: There are quite a few artists on t61 that I really like. I'm Zuba obsessed and totally addicted to Hidari(first bumping them would send me straight to heaven). I also like pretty much everything that RAC, Ugress, Casual Lust and the Dodos upload. My favourite folk/blues chicks on t61 are Grace Buford and
    Suzen JueL. As for the new arrivals, I'm quite taken by Red Abbott and
    Tan Vampires. And those are just a few.
  3. Artist you most wish would upload music: It's nice to bump an artist I already know and like but I get more pleasure in discovering new music. Seeing some French acts on t61 would be cool though.
  4. Your musical guilty pleasure: I have no shame so I guess this question doesn't really apply to me. Having said that, I do feel a bit guilty whenever I realise that my favourite uploads of the day are all from
  5. How did you hear of The Sixty One? Grace Buford, a t61 artist, told me about the site. She should have known better, being familiar with my
    obsessive nature.
  6. How much less productive are you since you've joined? I've always had something on the side that I'm addicted to and which impacts on my productivity. I think I stopped being productive in 2001 when I joined the (a mock stock exchange for movies) and I'm seriously surprised that I still have a job and a social life; I'm not sure how I've managed that but the SixtyOne could be what sends me off to homelessness.
  7. What is the biggest change you'd make to The Sixty One? a bigger tunebox window. My spelling is horrendous at the best of times but the size of the tunebox window makes it worse. I get quite a few "huh?" in response to my messages. I'd also love to be able to delete/edit my posts on other people's walls. Typos again. Too many of them. Way too many.
  8. Who is the listener you'd most like meet in person? I'd actually want to be able to hear Grandesoreilles and JeniliaC speak in English to find out how thick their French and German accents are. The three of us on a conference call could turn out to be hilarious.
  9. What do you think of Second Life Avatars for musicians and users? Ah, but you see, I'm one of them, muahahaha. I did change my profile pic to an eerie castle from a Japanese anime but I joined the site in my SL avatar form, which is boringly human. I'm actually planning a metamorphosis into a giant Cockroach. I think t61 needs more insects.
  10. What sort of stuff would you like to see on Max Bumps? Absolutely no idea..Is that helpful in any way?

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