Get to know a fellow 61'er: willie

  1. Your 61 Listener ID: Willie. Derived from my surname. The other thing is just a coincidence.
  2. Current Favorite Artist: The Cuts and I still have a soft spot for Tripp Algiers they sent me a copy of their CD and it's become a firm favorite.
  3. Artist you most wish would upload music: I was hoping Monkey:Sons would be joining but I'm not sure that's going to happen now. There are loads of others, one I think would do well is Billy the Vision & the Dancers . If I had to pick one song I'd go for Bouncy Ball by Ladyfuzz thought now sadly disbanded it would probably only appear via a blog scrape.

  4. Your musical guilty pleasure: There's nothing I feel guilty about but I am obsessed with Jefferson Airplane, I seriously could write a book.
  5. How did you hear of The Sixty One? Via my 'real' life friends Geordielass and Haras.
  6. How much less productive are you since you've joined? My productivity has always been sporadic, t61 hasn't helped. I remember to eat most days.
  7. What is the biggest change you'd make to The Sixty One? Same as everyone else. Better tunebox, sortable stats I'm not a fan of the practice of blog scrapes although they do provide some of the best music.
  8. Who is the listener you'd most like meet in person? Geordielass and Haras as I've not seen them since I joined...... or my family now I think about it.
  9. What do you think of Second Life Avatars for musicians and users? Don't understand the appeal of second life at all, but each to their own I guess.
  10. What sort of stuff would you like to see on this blog? Pretty much more of the same all contributions have been great. I especially like the band interviews, that interaction is what the t61 is all about for me.

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