KosmikRay's Mega Upload Party in honor of Michael Paul Miller on May 8th

From Kosmik Ray's Wallzine:

Like a New Orleans-style musical wake, the next listener event is a Mega Upload Party in honor of Michael Paul Miller on May 8th. I'm open to ideas about the time or times.

ANY 61 artist who wishes to join in should send me a wall post or tunebox with their song name (and the band name if it comes from a listener account) so I can list and do pre-promotion for you
  • I'll tunebox a heads-up to all 173 of my subscribers, and the top 100 listeners who aren't.

    I know this will be the biggest t61 upload event ever, and includes:

    1. Michael Paul Miller: "I'll Be Walking Home Today."
    2. Below-Fi: "Peace."
    3. Catnip Tea: "Shaking Hands."
    4. Prompter: "Air"
    5. While They Were Sleeping: "Prequel."
    6. Alex Gloworld: "System- NuTone Remix"
    7. Raw Mutant: "TBA"
    8. Kourosh Eusebio: "Dragon"
    9. Mad Starring Eyes: "Well Done Son"
    10. Hidari "Yume."
    11. Goodwin: "Revelation of Revolution."
    12. Tinocat: "Well We Wonder."
    13. Glenn Case: "TBA"
    14. Glenn & Rachel: "TBA."
    15. Temple Scene: "TBA."
    16. Wake Effect: "TBA."
    17. Eric Campbell: "TBA."
    18. Cactus Bob: "TBA"
    19. Laura Marie: "Good Enough."
    20. Black Diamond Love: "TBA"
    21. Cait Wade: "Mr
    22. Siegal."
    23. Lyndon Heart: "TBA"
    24. Lotta Katarina: "Paper Aeroplane"
    25. BabbleGrabble: "TBA"
    26. Kazoo Funk Orchestra: "TBA"
    27. Empire Day: "Story Of A Ghost"
    28. Will Dailey: Yesterday's Gone"
    29. The Host: "TBA"
    30. Aron Wright: "TBA"
    31. Jessie Grace: "TBA"
    32. -100: (Your Band Here!)
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    Apocalypse said...

    This is a really great thing you are doing, Kosmik. This represents the essence of all the good that we believe this community is capable of.