Get to know a fellow 61'er: iWoo

Deviating a bit from the standard 10 questions normally asked, here is an excerpt from an email iWoo sent me of his recommendations, which I think is another good way of getting to know a fellow 61'er.

"There happens to be a lot of emphasis on Canadian content (iWoo is from Calgary, AB aka home of Feist), but these are groups I am recently into as well as a longtime fan of.

The playlist:

Patrick Wolf - Overture
Patrick hails from London, I believe, and his tracks are really unique. I have yet to pick up an album, but I am sure the rest is great. I first heard his music (this song) in a fantastic mix by Bigo & Twigetti.

Bigo & Twigetti (not in the seeqpod list)
I highly recommend looking up B&T and downloading ALL of their mixes available on their website. They use a lot of different genres in a really refreshing manner; and most of it was brand new to me. Just to name a few things you can hear in their sets: Regina Spektor, Philip Glass, and a mix involving Peaches, and the composers Modest Mussorgsky and Wagner... just to name a few. I've been listening to their sets (among other things) repeatedly for months now, and it's part of the reason why I stopped logging into thesixtyone for so long. An overabundance of amazing music.

Final Fantasy - The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
I am fairly sure you've heard this artist by now, but he's a Canadian artist from Toronto. I recently heard it again in a movie written by Douglas Coupland, called Everything's Gone Green. There are a few songs on that film's soundtrack that you'd like; Hawaii is another great band that has/had Torquil from Stars as a singer. Need to look into it more!

Woodpigeon (various songs)
A band from my city (Calgary, Alberta). No handclaps I think, but they frequently have a chorus of voices and xylophones. They recently invited any capable fans to sing background for one of their new tracks. Jamie (Jane Vain) has performed several times with Woodpigeon, and has written and recorded with them on their next upcoming album.

Ohbijou - St. Francis
I heard this Toronto band last year at a concert festival in Montreal. Really lovely, at times reminding me of Arcade Fire. Apparently did some collaboration with Final Fantasy on one of his older albums.

New Buffalo - Recovery
A Melbourne singer/songwriter that I heard open for Feist three or four years ago in Calgary - this was her first and most enjoyable song that she performed.

Reverie Sound Revue - Passes & Passports
This band is also from Calgary, but is no longer. Their singer (with the interesting name of Lisa Lobsinger) toured for two years with Broken Social Scene, singing parts formerly performed by Leslie Feist and Emily Haines.

The Organ - Love, Love, Love
Five girls from Vancouver, though they split up in 2006. The whole album (Grab That Gun) is quite good, and they have been compared to Joy Division, The Cure and The Smiths. There's a video of their song 'Brother' on YouTube I believe.

Some last recommendations not on the list:

Anita Athavale
Yet another (very talented) singer/songwriter from my city. Check out 'Grace Is' off her site in the discography section, and if you like it, 'South Pacific' off YouTube. I think her full album is available on iTunes as well. Will be in New York soon on tour.

Circlesquare - Fight Sounds Pt 1
Another Vancouver artist, who has seemingly been laying relatively low. Dark, electronic, minimal. Very eclectic and awesome. The song was used in a recent Tricia Helfer movie, and incidentally, Patrick Wolf has done a remix of one of his songs.

Adele - Cold Shoulder
Produced by Mark Ronson, who is sometimes annoying and sometimes brilliant. I think Ronson's hype about this track and artist was the main reason she made her debut at #1 on the UK charts (how does that work anyway?). Nonetheless, this track is pretty fantastic sounding, in a motown/Amy Winehouse way."

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