AnnieB's Detour: Jaymay

Sometimes, blog scrapes are a good thing. Otherwise I wouldn’t have found out about this Brooklyn neo-folk singer, Jaymay (aka Jamie Seerman).

According to her website:
"JAYMAY is a storyteller. The narrative runs through each one of her songs, a melodic thread of self-reflection and eloquent articulation, threading through music that is both graceful and bold. The songs are chapters, tales of the young woman who stepped out onto the street one night to find and lose love and move forward, open to the dangers and wonders offered by the world."

Apparently her CD player broke and she only had access to a few Bob Dylan tapes which prompted her to pick up her brother’s guitar and start writing her own songs.

While not as interesting as the Take Away Shows, here’s another taste of Jaymay. This song is called "Big Ben." I initially wanted to put up "Sycamore Down" but this one's a bit more raw and acoustic, and you can hear all the cars buzzing around. For other clips of her London tour series, check out YouTube.

Also, you can download a free track called “Snow White” by going to this link.

Her other popular tracks are “Gray or Blue” and “Blue Skies” (yes, two more songs containing the “blue”)…though everything of hers is pretty good if you like this sort of stuff.

Jaymay’s Myspace

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