New 36-Track NIN Album for $5 just released

During this evening's the61 outage (maybe it was just me...) I came across this little nugget of info that may or may not be of interest to you guys:

Trent Reznor has just released a 36-Track, quadruple-disc instrumental album, available for download now on the intertubes. He has supplied numerous ways to obtain this new album:

The $5 download includes all 36 tracks in a variety of digital formats (320kbps LAME encoded, fully tagged; FLAC Lossless; Apple Lossless), including a 40-page PDF:
NIN "Ghosts" Website

$5 download for all 36 tracks (and probably your fastest option with Amazon's 1-click - which you undoubtedly use via the61 already...):

The Deluxe Edition Package $75+s/h [hardcase w/ 2 audio CDs, 1 data DVD w/ all tracks, 1 Blu-Ray w/ all tracks in high definition 96/24 and a slideshow, and a 48-page art book. It also includes immediate access to download the files to listen to while you wait for the physical booklet(s) to be shipped to you]:
Artists In Residence

For those that use torrents, Trent has allowed one album [Disc 1] to be shared via this means (but you know you want all 4 discs, so go pay your $5!!!):
The Pirate Bay

[found this info via as well as SNYpod's wall post to me]

So, there you have it, everyone. Enjoy!


SNYpod said...

I've listened to all 36 tracks, and as I told lanky already, it's fan-fucking-tastic. Go pay the measly five dollars and support good music and good distribution methods.

Batface89 said...

Oh, this is great! My best friend's bday is this month and he LOVES NIN. This makes birthday shopping very easy.

Apocalypse said...

Trent Reznor is sooo far ahead of everyone else in the music industry when it comes to embracing and leveraging technology. His last album was just amazing and the buzz he created with Year Zero nearly drowned out every other Artist's release.

shayborg said...

In case you didn't already know, Mr. Reznor just uploaded three tracks off this album to the61. Have a look...