AnnieB's Detour: Maia Hirasawa

[Not quite sure what to call anything I post, but I wanted to start sharing some of my personal picks, whether it be t61 related or not.]

Over the weekend, I caught this new YouTube clip of an artist I found a while ago on Aurgasm. Her name is Maia Hirasawa. To me, she is like a fusion of Meiko, Victoria Bergsman, Feist, and Sara Bareilles, all of which is a very good thing. She made her solo debut last year and has since received rave reviews and is quite popular in Sweden. She was also awarded Best Newcomer at the Swedish P3 Gold Awards in 2007.

Maia Hirasawa - "The Worrying Kind" (Originally by The Ark)

Anyhow, here are a couple of her other songs that will just brighten up your day:
And I Found This Boy

Maia Hirasawa's Myspace


Michele Yamazaki said...

I love her voice. She reminds me a bit of Bjork. She's playing in front of a massive crowd. It's odd that (I'm sure) a lot of people haven't heard of her. I bet that will change.

Great idea for a column. You need a road sign banner for your column, AnnieB ;-)

AnnieB said...

yeah, she does get a lot of Bjork references which is probably more accurate. i just haven't really listened to much of Bjork's music so i couldn't really comment on that.

also, this was performed in front of 4 million viewers this year at Melodifestivalen, an annual music competition to determine who will represent Sweden for the Eurovision Song contest.