Top O' The Morning To Ya: St. Patrick's Day Playlist

Happy St. Paddy's Day to everyone! Here's playlist for today, which will most definitely put you in the spirit for green beer and corned beef and cabbage.

Christy Moore is a well-known Irish folk singer/songwriter, and guitarist, "known for his political and social commentary, which reflects a left wing Irish Republican perspective."
The Pogues, performing the same song, are also use a lot of political commentary in their music (politically themed songs are very common with Irish musicians, it seems.) The Pogues have a punk rock sound but used traditional Irish instruments such as the mandolin and tin whistle.

"This song is not a rebel song, this song is Sunday Bloody Sunday." Another example of politically themed Irish music, a terrific cover of the classic U2 song which describes "the horror felt by an observer of The Troubles in Northern Ireland".

Now for something a little less serious... House of Pain, an Irish-American hip-hop group that was very popular in the mid-90s, just as I was finishing college. Oh, those were the days.

What St. Paddy's Day would be complete with out a song about drinking pints?

Ro Tierney is an extremely talented singer/songwriter from Ireland. We have something in common too.
His favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and so is mine.

Conan Brophy is from the West of Ireland. I instantly liked Conan's sound when I heard it at The Sixty One. His voice reminds me of Ian Brown's. Conan's music runs the gamut from happy pop to more folky stuff and even electronic and he pulls it all off with finesse.

Analogue Mindfield blends elements of Trip-Hop, Reggae, Drum and Bass and Ambient sounds and they're from Dublin. Check out their MySpace for more music, since they only have one song on The Sixty One at this time.

West of Eden are the charming folksy pop duo, Kenn Davis and Cindy O'Keeffe from County Wicklow, Ireland and Dublin.
Fern Knight is a Philadephia based singer songwriter. This song seemed fitting enough to include for today's festivities.


silkworm said...
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silkworm said...

He's not on the t61, but Christy Moore's younger brother is the marvelous Luka Bloom (ne Kevin Barry Moore). His all-around best to my ears is Turf.

Happy St. Patricks Day! Raisin' a pint to ya!

K.E. said...

Also not on t61...but I am kicking it with Damien Dempsey this morning!

Batface89 said...

And Black 47 is my all-time favorite Irish (NY) band and not on t61 either. Funky Ceili and James Connelly are favorites. I hear they still play around New York. I'd LOVE to see them.