Taste and Tastiness

I love music, most kinds. But there are some tunes that leap straight down your gullet and warm your belly. It could be for but a moment of poppy goodness that turns into fond nostalgia in 48 hours, or it could be for a long drawn out sultry aural affair. There are sometimes single word adjectives that can sum up the epiphanic moments of musical bliss upon discovery of a track that strums your own personal guitar.

One such song and one such adjective are, respectively, STEFY's Chelsea, and "Tasty".


I posted my comment while waiting for my 60-second bump delay to expire, and found later that the one-word descriptor had struck a chord with other listeners. I think the word does in fact sum up a kind of pop-appeal in music. Led Zep was many things, but never Tasty. On the other hand, Bananarama was (in my somewhat dated opinion) nothing but. As an aside, I'd never heard of STEFY before this, but am now eagerly awaiting their next submission. Such is the power of thesixtyone, but I digress. I was quite surprised and taken with the rapidly evolved consensus, and devised the Tasty Certification to mark that unanimity, and to find a way to express appreciation to the artist.
I'm sure there are other Tasty songs out there, and I know there are other songs with single word monikers that suit them in the eyes of the many. Perhaps they all deserve recognition for their achievements. I will be on the lookout for more Tasty songs, and other adjectives.


Michele Yamazaki said...

we'll definitely need to add tasty to The 61 Terminology guide ;-)

AnnieB said...

i'm so happy an Orange County band got certified!

Punts said...

Yum! A a tasty morsel indeed. Gotta go beg for an mp3 to use on my showgram now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Apocalypse said...
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Apocalypse said...

I am really liking the Tasty Badge! I may have to attach it to documents and designs that are too good for words, even here at work.
"Johnson, great job on the Bernebaur Architecture. It was 'Tasty'!"

The Tasty badge can become the new 'gold star' for all things awesome, like when you were in elementary school.
MMMmmm... Tasty