The Levi Weaver Syndrome

I think everyone's aware that Levi Weaver apparently had to delete one of his tracks in order to upload another and garner more bumps. Sam and James may tweak this in the future to make this kind of thing less of a problem, but until that happens, perhaps we can occasionally feature artists on the blog who are having a hard time leveling in order to get the word out. Bump power!


lankysob said...

My Imaginary Life is another one. I think I recall her saying that she needs to get to Level 14 in order to upload another song and she just now made it to Level 12. She's gonna need all the help she can get.

iyzie said...

This actually touches on something I'm wondering if the blog or the soon-to-be forned "listener forum" can help with.

I have organized a couple successful "One more bump" campaigns to get certain songs posted. It involves around a bunch of tuneboxing and other wheedling. My latest effort with Corey TuT is not bearing much fruit yet, but I have not yet begun to wheedle seriously.

But it would be *great* to have a place where we could organize campaigns like that. And that would include efforts to level up artists.

Apocalypse said...

iyzie - I think this site can have a HUGE impact on thesixtyone. This site will create the community that the site currently lacks and 'campaigns' as you call them, will be a part of the cohesive camaraderie that will help the Artists.

I have been speaking with batface89 about this site for quite some time and I am glad that she had the moxie to actually get it going. I already feel the team nature of this site paying off, with closer communication between it's few members!

willie said...

As you've probably seen in the forums Sam says the Levi problem was due to a bug in the e-mail that informed Levi his limit was 2 less than it actually was. Ironically I managed to first bump the re upload just before reading a tunebox from my 'real life' mate Haras that one of her, the same, first bumps had been deleted. Wasn't I in the shit for that.

Alex said...

According to Sam & James the number of songs that can be uploaded is 2 + the level the artist is on (see the " Dire need for 'artist uploads per level' increase." forum thread).

M.I.L. might be basing her comment on the email that is automatically sent to the artist when they reach a new level ie:
"Dear Alex Gloworld,
Congratulations on hitting level 7 with a total of 1128 points! You can now upload a total of 8 songs.
You currently have 8 songs on thesixtyone.

Reading that you might think I can't add another track, but to check I went to my page, clicked the "upload song" button and I can add one more (2+level7=9). If you click that button and you are already at your upload limit you get a pop-up in the bottom right corner.
So, perhaps Jessica M.I.L. cannot add another track, but she might not have even tried to click the "upload track" button. Only she knows! ;-)
I'm glad batface89 set this blog up to allow some discussion in a more appropriate environment than the bugs/feature request forums.
Alex Gloworld