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IZ's Diner...

A flash of neon beckons the weary traveller along the winding 61. Here at IZ's the food is plentiful, comforting, and greasy, and the jukebox still costs a nickel for three plays.


I'm a dance and electronica fan, and really enjoy the trancier and clubbier side of music. I've been a fan of Aura and Trance Generation and the Benassi Bros. and many others for some time. So I was thrilled when Stella Errans thesixtyone.com/Nephie

showed up on the site with here trippy trancy repertoire. She is the Queen of Trance on thesixtyone, abundantly evident by her success. Since I'm not a musician myself, and Trance does not always - or often - have lyrics to comment upon, I can only really point to the music that gets me moving and use the old saw "I don't know what's good, but I know what I like". And I like her stuff.

I think Nephie really brought this subgenre to the fore on the site with some fime music that makes you want to move in your seat - or get out of it altogether and flow down the hall.

But if Stella Errans is the Queen of Trance... who is the King? There are only a handful of artists who have listed any songs of theirs under trance, and none of them have risen so far in the ranks as she. Perhaps ther is no king yet. But there is one yong suiter for the title - one who is to my mind ratehr underappreciated at the present time givent he obvious appreciation for the medium. That Crown Prince of trance, if you will, is Yahel.

Yahel's recent upploads examplify to me some killer trance, well deserving of a looksee from anyone looking for infectious rhythm. None of his works have broken 40 bumps yet, but if you're hungry for trance or dance, I'd recommend giving this DJ a try.

There are several other artists who have thrown the odd (and good) trance track our way. Could they be legitimate royal candidates, or mere pretenders. Only time will tell.

Mickey Jello to my mind is Yahel's chief competition, but only equals him in quality, while the good DJ trumps soundly so far on quantity:

Dynamic Interplay is a little quieter, a little hypnotic. But then all Trance has its hypnotic elements:

Andrew Ford alas has been around and tragically ignored for ages:

The others - all the other Trancers so far on the61 - include DJ CrashT, Plus+69, Mojosnake, Jack Nobody - they're all worth a listen. There's celarly enough love for Trance on the61. Perhaps we will see the kingdom rise in the future.

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kafkajoubert said...

Nephie's website is worth checking out; there's a lot of poetry in her virtual world: http://www.stellaerrans.com/