Get to know a fellow 61'er: iyzie

  1. Your 61 Listener ID: iyzie (Yeah, yeah, it's an I not an L. I preferred to capitalize the first letter at first, but had no idea that it would be so confusing in sans-serif. It's derived from the first two letters of my last name and has been a part-time nickname since college)
  2. Current Favorite Artist: I have to pick one? From t61, it's Hot Bitch Arsenal, but I could give you 10 others. From the ever-receding outside world, Zero-7 and Jethro Tull are long time favorites.
  3. Artist you most wish would upload music: Another 10+ possibilities. Let's start with Blue Man Group and Benassi Bros. Perhaps those are mundane relative to t61's mix, but I'd love to see more killer dance artists put their own stuff up (as opposed to blog-scraped remixes). Plus any artist from from my iTunes "Deep Dirty Massive Frou Zero Heap" playlist
  4. Your musical guilty pleasure: Bananarama. Heck, pretty much all of the '80s 1st-Gen MTV pop.
  5. How did you hear of The Sixty One? I was part of the Digg wave.
  6. How much less productive are you since you've joined? My productivity hasn't changed, I've just given up sleep to make up for lost time.
  7. What is the biggest change you'd make to The Sixty One? I'd like to see better ways of organizing the music I've bumped and added; e.g. increasing the maximum number of songs per playlist, and allowing nested lists, so that I can divide up sub-categories of my own. Sam and James have indicated that the genre system is being reworked, and I would welcome a new, more detailed set. A pseudo-tagging system (say a third, artist definable genre slot) would also be useful
  8. Who is the listener you'd most like meet in person? AnnieB, because the soundtrack of her life must run 24/7.
  9. What do you think of Second Life Avatars for musicians and users? I don't think about them very much - I find the variety of avatars on t61 fun and interesting, so too much of any one kind gets boring. I mean, if three dozen people chose adorable hedgepigs as their avatars, that'd get boring too, no matter how adorable they were. OK, maybe four dozen/
  10. What sort of stuff would you like to see on this blog? Leads to more artists I've never heard of but might love. See? Just like The Mountain Goats and Genki, both found (for me) the first time on this very page.

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Anonymous said...

Jethro Tull. Nice.
Ian Anderson jumped the beer tent queue in front of me at a festival once (innocent mistake, in case he sues). Now I love the man but come between me and me beer...... he was lucky not to get his flute up his arse. Though that would have been a show stopper to beat standing on one leg.