Bagel Bites


Hello all! Welcome to my weekly or monthly or whenever I choose to do it blog on the sixtyone. You can expect to see my thoughts on great songs, shitty songs and just about anything I feel the need to talk about. Please feel free to comment on anything you see here that you like or dislike. I can't promise that i will care what you think though.

Let's get started.

Most Promising Artist

After the Ice

A three piece hailing from the UK have all the tools to storm the 61 as well as the music world. "It Happens All the Time" is driven by a great guitar lick and some powerful vocals that pierce into your brain. They originally had four tracks up but misread some advice and took those songs down (you can see what happened here). I am eagerly anticipating the return of these tracks and look forward to a possible interview with these guys.

Best Band That Is No Longer Together


I can do nothing but cry about the fact that we will hear nothing more from this band. Perhaps we can beg them to get back together. It does however seem as if one of the members is still making music with another one of my favorite acts on the sixtyone. They are called Tan Vampires.


I have no idea what to say about this. If you want to hear more awful songs you can torture yourself with this terrific playlist. Thanks Batface!

Underrated Pick of the Week

These guys are my pick for the most underrated band on the site as well. Every song is solid. And they need some Major Major attention. (Lame i know.)

Salad or is it Salud

Thanks for checking out my tasty bagel bites! There will be more to come as the music keeps rolling in. At this point I have to officially thank Sam and James for inviting us all to enjoy some great music. The community is great and I look forward to the future of the site.

Batface, you are the bomb. I would say "Rock" but that is already in use.



lankysob said...

I'll second the sad data sentiment. Their music is utterly awesome and even though I like Tan Vampires, they're just not as good as data is/was, to me. Whoever is behind the data account assured me that he/she was looking for a place to sell their EP(s), so I'm keeping an eye on that development.

I was there for the After The Ice 4 song stampede, and also for the removal of 3 of their songs. I can vouch for the quality of those songs, and am looking forward to them coming back as well.

Are those bagel bites Pizza flavored? bagel bites.

AnnieB said...

i'm liking this serving of bagel bites already!

Groove Labs said...

hey man. thanks for words about major Major. i'm one of the guitar players and it's always cool to hear about people digging what the tunes. it's a blast to play live. we're hopefully gonna do another record soon.
-c r A i g N a D E l