Bagel Bites

Guess Who's Back?

Hello again all! It's been a few weeks since I've been able to sit down and share my thoughts with you on the music that has been rolling into thesixtyone. In this time period there has been uproar over the limitation of songs that an artist can upload and a complete reversal (Bug were told) that allowed some piano player to upload 30 tracks before reaching level 5. Only a few things remain constant at thesixtyone. They are:

  1. AnnieB
  2. Great music
  3. Glenn Case wall postings

Now that we have that out of the way, let's listen to some music.

Two Short Album Reviews (The return of Non-Fuzz)

Born Ruffians

This up and coming band has created an album that is sure to be a mainstay in a lot of peoples players.

The first single of the album is "Hummingbird" and is a catchy and frantic track that speeds down the road of suicide without blinking an eye. That's the way that I interpret anyway. Luke Lalonde has an interesting vocal style and doesn't seem to care if he annunciates well and for me that adds to the charm. I'll warn you now that that front half of the album doesn't deliver nearly enough compared to the back end. I maintain that all should give it a listen though.

Vampire Weekend

I was a bit hesitant to check these guys out after I had heard their cover of Exit Music For a Film by Radiohead. No one really does Radiohead any justice and it nearly kept me from hearing this great band. I'm amazed that this band can sound like so many artists (Paul Simon - Graceland Days, The Kinks, The Police and many others) while still maintaining a very unique sound. This one has been stuck in my car stereo for weeks. Literally, when I hit the eject button it won't come out.

Can I Get Some Love?

Bye Polar Bear is my underrated artist of the week. With great covers of Neutral Milk Hotel and Leonard Cohen and some interesting original stuff I can see this guy at the top of the61 artist list.

Ready For Revival

The Acorn

One of my favorite acts on the61, The Acorn, have been on this site from the beginning. All of their songs have posted and should be ready for some new ears on the site. Give them a listen.


Time again to say goodbye. It seems as if we are in for many changes on the61 but as long as the music stays great I will not be going anywhere.

Hasta la pasta!


Glenn Case said...

Don't speak too soon on the subject of 'Glenn Case wall postings' being a constant.

I realize that I've gained the reputation of being a 'wall spammer'. It was never my intent to annoy people with my messages, but I am seeing that it has. So, I apologize to those I have irritated.


Glenn Case

eatabagel said...

Glenn, Please don't reduce my constants to two! It is nice to see artists passionate about their music.
And the "Rock" kills me every time.

Glenn Case said...

Passionate about music in general. Not just my own. It's why I was so hell bent on asking Jessie Grace and Brother Machine to join thesixtyone, and why I was so excited when they actually did.

It's why I was so quick to try to tell people about Deshead when I didn't feel that his numbers were reflecting how good he actually is.

If nothing else, I'm actually more passionate about good music that isn't my own. I found myself trying to thank everyone that bumped me because I feel fortunate that anyone takes time to listen to any of my music when there are so many other artists out there. It was an overwhelming task even when I was using a template of sorts. Leaving a personalized message for each person would have been insanity, but it would have been a much better idea.

As far as my infamous signature, it's something that has stuck with me since the days of being glued to a show that was on MTV called Sifl and Olly. At this point it just feels unnatural for me to exclude it from posts.

As we know, thesixtyone's going through growing pains so I've been a little reluctant in trying to bring other artists to the site recently, but now I'm even more reluctant because a connection to me might be considered a bad thing. It sucks.


Glenn Case

Michele Yamazaki said...

I think what is bugging people is the length and the frequency of wall posts. People like your music a lot and you would get the bumps regardless. You're talented and your music is really good. I know a few people who have stopped bumping your songs due to the wall spam. It's kind of like the emails I get from "Stop Gun Violence Coalition". As much as I agree with their cause, they email me like every freakin' day.

As far as the 'ROCK!' tag goes. Seriously good tag. It's simple, to the point, and everyone knows it's you. Keep the tag, the tag is good.

AnnieB said...

oh dear, i've made the list too. lol. and i agree, "dents" should be revived again. it's one of my ultimate favorites on the site!

Glenn Case said...

Hey Michele,

Thank you for the compliments, and more importantly for the insight. I will take it to heart.

Time for me to stop de-railing this post, and allow some people to talk about how great the songs are that eatabagel mentioned. There are some solid choices in there, and I bumped many of them myself.


Glenn Case

Rando,M. said...

Glenn - I agree with michele, although I love "I am the President..." so much the wall spam is the 2nd thing I associate you with now. That you recognize it has bugged people also makes you and the spam cool in my eyes. I can't stress enough how much I love that song. People are now annoyed with me because my house has a revolving door but everyone who comes in has to take the detour to my room and hear that song. I'm a sound spammer, what can I say?

The Incredible Bagel aka eatabagel is also a certified hero. The mention in Tuesday's Bagel Bites was worth more than 100 bumps. Seriously, it makes me want to send you cryptic messages of thanks in my songs to come.

lankysob said...

Bagel, I agree Bye Polar Bear is a highly underrated artist on t61. I was ecstatic to discover one of his songs, 900 Miles many moons ago and still love it to this day.