Hidari Wall Comments

Hidari's music is gleeful and clever. Their comments are also extremely funny and sometimes bizarre.

Has Hidari made an amusing comment on your wall? Please share it in the comments.

On batface89's Wall

Exeunt is used as a stage direction to indicate that two or more performers leave the stage.

We liked the first 88 batfaces better, but this one will have to do.

Soup! It's filling and nutritious!

On SanjuNana's Wall:

sanju nana is 37 in Japanese

Without you here in This fine place, thesixtyone Becomes twenty four.

On afastidle's wall

We received your psychic communique and the answer to your question is: no, you have to collect and eat the fourteen undead nuggets before you can open the stone doors to the lair of the Chicken God.

On Beybi's Wall

In the well of souls
Gor dipped his golden ladle...
Unused fondue set?

On fbottasso's Wall

fbottasso is using a cute avatar of a bear in a pink kimono

We know all about the giant testes you're hiding under that kimono.

On lucasban's Wall

lucasban's avatar is a cardboard robot

Hidari is intrigued by this cardboard bot. Perhaps we have found the raw materials for our new World Domination ArmyTM. Turn over your plans and related documents, wizard!

On ciepiel's Wall

We demand tribute in the form of delicious Polish meats and sundry goods. Deliver this tribute to us in a cellophane-wrapped wicker basket in the next 24 hours or you will be summarily expunged.


AnnieB said...

Great post! Fun to see a sample of their comments in one spot. They do leave some of the most interesting comments on people's walls. Also, thanks for putting them in context. I'd be lost, otherwise.

ImOnlySleeping said...

My favourite post (form them to me) was:

Your message is important to us. Our team is working 24/7 to ensure the highest quality of customer satisfaction. Upon receipt, your communication was analyzed by several tiers of experts from all applicable fields. Linguists and psychologists scrutinized your missive to ascertain your precise emotional state in order to better serve you, the customer.

Here is your punctual and personalized response:


We hope you have a pleasant day. Thank you for listening to [Hidari].

timyjl said...

awww! I want one.

Apocalypse said...

Here's one from my Wall. I miss their little comments :-(

Apocolypse has antlers of fire and uses airplane hangars for mittens.
In the old tongue, his name means 'best shuffleboard player in east Northampton six years running'.
His skill with a donkey iron is unmatched.

Apocolypse could guzzle down the oceans of the world in ten minutes, he just chooses not to

... still waiting for my first class seat during the Hidaricalypse!

Hidari said...

Just to clarify, that's not a bear but a Tanuki.