Top signs you're a True T61'er by AnnieB

Note: This is in response to Apocalypse's Top 15 signs you're a True T61'er (this link will change once the site is moved to a regular domain... note to self to change the link).

To think, I was going to hit all (Apocalypse's) 15 signs. Guess I'm not a True T61'er after all. Anyhow, here's some more to consider in no particular order...maybe we can shoot for the "Top 61 signs..." (though, mine aren't very humorous but perhaps more applicable to some devoted listeners)

  1. The first thing you do when you wake up is login onto t61 and the last thing you do before you go to bed is check t61.
  2. You check t61 more than your email.
  3. You have considered making t61 your homepage, or have at least made it easily accessible when you open your browser.
  4. You get a tunebox almost on a daily basis.
  5. You have sent a tunebox message to the masses at one point or another.
  6. You are able to gauge the musical tastes of certain listeners, and send tuneboxes or song recommendations accordingly.
  7. You have an extensive number of playlists (more than ten)
  8. You have some form of an underrated playlist (and possibly have added it cdipaolo's "list of lists")
  9. You know the listener accounts of the artists.
  10. You know which artists are friends of one another.
  11. Your comment wall consists of more than just spam.
  12. You eavesdrop on other users' wall conversations.
  13. You participate in forum discussions.
  14. You have revived at least one song.
  15. You have been around long enough to see a few songs get revived more than once.
  16. After the browse>newest section was removed, your first thought was "crap, what do I do now?"
  17. You now frequently sort the browse section by "this week" and set the bumps to zero in hopes of first bumping the next spectacular tune.
  18. You're rather picky on placing first bumps
  19. At least three of your 'first bumped' tracks have made it to the homepage.
  20. You have made attempts to push songs onto the activity page, or been involved in a rescue mission.
  21. You have found yourself, at one time or another, hopping on the bandwagon.
  22. You have used the Rack before.
  23. You're at the point where you’ve bumped so many songs, that you don't pay close attention to the points rolling in, but still catch glimpses of it in the corner of your eye, OR, you're obsessively glued to the screen to watch every point trickle in (two types)
  24. You are subscribed to at least five listeners, and at least five listeners are subscribed to you.
  25. You are on the leader board and/or have once been a top rookie.
  26. You are fully aware of Kosmik's infamous antics (Guide, Scramble, Upload Party, Bozo Drive, Wall Crawl, etc.)
  27. You are aware of puntspeedchunk's podcast, have tuned in, and/or voted for his podcast.
  28. You have made a donation.
  29. You've made a music purchase due to the site.
  30. When you're away from the site, you wonder if you’re missing out on placing early bumps for something good.
  31. It is a rarity for you to be away from the site for more than a day.
  32. You've made such a name for yourself on t61 that new users (both artists and listeners) flock to you for advice.


timyjl said...

All but 29. :(

AnnieB said...

Just over 90%, timjyl - that's a true T61er in my book! Anything 85% and over is quite something.