Genre Disparity

Essentially, it's easier for some genres (reggae) to be posted than others (rock)
I'm unsure if the addition of sub-genres will further affect this.

I'm torn in that I think it's unfortunate that non-mainstream artists were disadvantaged in the previous system (If you're newish, a few months ago, all genres were treated equally), but I think it's unfair that a mainstream act has to be that much better in the current system.

I'll pick on Zuba (because I like them). If I recall properly, Zuba sat is relative obscurity for at least a week, maybe two. But then Hail Africa got posted on relatively few bumps (genres were reggae, acoustic [now folk]) and obtained that front page exposure. Now their most recent upload, Kuleh, shows 378 bumps after 1 day (so between 24 & 48 hours). That's great for Zuba, but it's obviously not as great for more mainstream artists. I'll pick Zsammy (same reason). The songs garner around the same number of bumps as Zuba, once posted, but they take are significantly harder to post (at least the ones categorized alternative, rock do). Anyhow, he's stuck a few points away from level 7, so I'm going to go fix that.

So the short of it is. I think the disparity is good & bad. How's that for a decisive answer.

I'm curious as to how other people feel about this, so comment away....


Apocalypse said...

I am of two minds about it. Narrowing music down this much seems to be contradictory to the ~spirit~ of the site. I have found myself listening to music across genres and enjoying a bit of even those genres that I traditionally would not have listened to.

As long as they still allow you to see all genres, though, people like me (and I think, to a great extent, everyone on this blog), will still be able to find what they need.

As far as the Artists, we have a few of them here. Let's hear their perspective.

willie said...

I guess although a less 'popular' genre such as reggae gets posted on less bumps, it is also less browsed. I'm guessing it levels out, roughly. The reason Zuba hit 378 after 1 day is because they are a very popular band and have learnt to work the system.