To Revive or not to Revive

I was recently asked via tunebox why I hadn't yet revived any songs, and while I was replying, I thought back to some of the discussions on the forum.

There's been the point made that Reviving an old song gives new people a chance to hear great music that's been buried under the avalanche of more recent uploads. There's been the counterpoint made that Revived songs push otherwise deserving new songs out of the way by automatically hitting the top of the New page.

For my part I haven't Revived yet for 2 main reasons. First it's because there's too much new stuff to listen to and bump. I'd rather spend several hundred points each maxing out some songs that haven't made it yet to get them to the activity page (or if I'm lucky the homepage), than 1000 on a song that's already made it. Second is that is that some of the songs I would most want to Revive are from artists who still have great songs with high bump counts that haven't yet posted. Folks like hot bitch arsenal take quite a boatload of hits to post, and I've seen it happen with them and others that a new upload with a ton of momentum failed to post because someone revived an older track of the same artist hours before. That's a mixed blessing for the artist and the listener.

I know there are other Revive philosophies out there, but this one is mine. Still... I probably will revive something... eventually.

Now, ask me why I haven't subscribed to any other listeners so far... :-D


timyjl said...

Ok, Ill bite, Why?

silkworm said...

Reviving or not reviving... I think about half of the top 20 users have zero or one revives, so it's not all that uncommon. Finding out your thought process behind it was interesting, though, and I'd be interested in knowing why you don't subscribe.

iyzie said...

There are several reasons, actually, a big one being I have no idea what I'm missing and therefore haven't a clue how useful it might be. (I didn't say it was a *smart* reason, you know.)

Another reason is gleaned from other comments. If you subscribe to active people it sounds like your subscription box very rapidly scrolls through new events with every thing they add, and it's easy to miss recent uploads from artists you've added.

I find that it's easy enough, when I want to troll for new or old stuff I might have missed is find one or more listeners who've bumped something I liked and see what their recent activity is by going to *their* profile page.

That's it, basically.

The fourth and least smart reason is so that I can say I don't subscribe to anyone and feel all smug and superior even though it more correctly means I'm just a lazy doof.

shayborg said...

I've only subscribed to seven users, and I find it pretty useful since I don't have the time to keep refreshing the list of songs with 0 bumps or whatever it is the cool kids are doing these days. ;)

Some of the people I subscribe to bump a ton of songs (I'm still not sure some of them ever work or sleep ;), but if you filter through your feed to see what they bumped heavily, or what multiple users have bumped, you can get a good idea of what you should listen to given limited time.

silkworm said...

I've got some power bumpers on there, but I also try to use subscriptions as a way of encouraging newer users who have been especially active or bumping things I like. Mainly because I remember how cool it felt when I garnered my first few subscribers, and I like to pass that feeling on - do unto others and all that good stuff :-)